Smart DIY Tips To Design Some Wonderful Promotional Flyers

diy-design-promo-flyersAre you planning to do with a sizzling and hot flyer to promote and endorse your latest offer, service or product? But is the idea still on your to-do list simply because you couldn’t afford some top-notch web designer or because you and Photoshop aren’t good friends yet? If answered yes, this post is just for you! That’s because the concerns of this article will reveal what exactly you need to do in order to create some wonderful promotional flyers yourself. Are you worried about your flyer ending up looking amateurish? Don’t fret as the steps mentioned below will give you a creation that you’ll be proud enough to print and deliver it to the hands of your customers. But most crucially, the flyer has to comprise of the right components that are needed to impress your ‘Perfect Customer.’

Tips to design your own promotional flyer

Whether you need to endorse an upcoming event, product or exhibition, designing and distributing a flyer is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. Have a look at some simple design tips to use for in-house design and maximize the effectiveness of your next promotional flyer.

  • Utilize an image that can grab eyeballs: When you take the decision of designing your flyer on your own, you have to decide on an image that has the capability to grab the attention of maximum eyeballs. By placing a large striking image in the top portion of the flyer is even more effective than placing several smaller images. A great and relevant image will grab the attention of the readers and draw them to the other images that are there to complete the meaning of the product or service.
  • Plan your priorities: Once you’re done with the idea of the image, you can start getting creative about the remaining portion of the flyer apart from the image. Before you get carried away with images and layouts, you should know that one of the most common mistakes that a designer makes is making a “pretty” design rather than a design that “sells”. Pretty might look good but when your desire is to impress your customer, you should always take a wise decision.
  • Concentrate on the headline: While there can be different flyer designs, you should always resist the temptation of putting anything else on the page until you’ve positioned the headline in its best way. Once you’ve got the right position of the headline, check the spacing, the font (whether it is clear and easy to read) and the colour (whether it stands out and is not strenuous for the eyes).
  • Give it some Call to Action: So, if you can impress your reader and he is keen on taking the next step, here comes the function of a Call to Action word. If you want the maximum impact, you will have to position the important “how to buy” instructions under the main content above the footer zone. A simple way to get it right is to think of it as in 3 zones and then position your CTA at the top of the lower third, towards the extreme right.
  • Make yourself easy to contact: Whether you’re designing party flyer templates or corporate flyer templates, you have to ensure that you have the right contact details. Don’t include a tiny URL that is hidden down somewhere in the depths! All the hard work of choosing the right image, the right font and the right color will go in vain. Be it a website or an address or a telephone number; make sure you have at least one of them screaming off the page.

Hence, if you don’t get a professional web and graphic designer to assist you in designing a flyer or a pamphlet for your service, you may follow the above mentioned steps to design a wonderful flyer on your own.

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