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Are you looking for cheap and affordable dedicated server to host your sites? Like me and many other web master around, anything that cost us more than $100 per-month is a cut-throat 🙂 Personally i’m running and manage not more than 5 sites in a single web hosting server that did not take much traffic and bandwidth usage. Nevertheless to say, I’ll still need a hosting server that can handle more than 5,000 unique visitors per-day but will not billed me a sky rocket cost per-month.

My initial thought was to find a cheap dedicated server hosting or managed web hosting. Since most of my sites are using WordPress CMS Platform, my first choice is WP Engine, they offer a less than $99 per-month plan for 10 WordPress sites with unlimited bandwidth and 20GB local storage which seem tempting to me. However I needed a more extensive access to handle database for my other sites with custom database MySQL and other application outside of WordPress scope. I pretty much can’t do this with WPEngine, maybe i can with their ‘enterprise’ hosting plan but that’s way out of my deep and light pocket.

So my next choice is the reluctant and vague reviews hosting company, Hostgator. This hosting company is one of the oldest and still stand hosting services, although there had been some good and bad reviews about their hosting services since the company management changes. I’m pretty much sceptic and have some love for them since I’ve been using their VPS Hosting server for more than 5 years now and their support is fast and friendly via email ticket through out the years. However their Dedicated Hosting Server price is way too high for my coming sites projects. Their basic dedicated server start from $139 per-month and $174 per-month on next monthly recurring. As much as i love to stick with one hosting company only, i need to find another solution for cheaper dedicated server hosting.

While searching every nook and cranny, I’ve found these web hosting company that offer less than $100 monthly price for their Dedicated Server Hosting.


Server4You offer 3 plan for their dedicated server which is ecoserver, proserver and bizserver, all plan only cost you around $80 per-month. They run on Premium Dell PowerEdge Server, Intel Xeon CPUs and up to 2x 512 GB Samsung SSDs Up to 32 GB Crucial ECC Server RAM.Visit site »
inmotion-cheap-dedicated-server-hostingInMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting offers clients are: high performance Xeon processors, performance SAS drives, upgradeable RAM and solid-state drives, entry to enterprise-level servers,free Managed Hosting setup, full cPanel license, Enterprise CentOS, optional root access and high-quality Dell factory-built. Visit site »

GigaPros offer Cheap Dedicated Servers with high speed CPU, up to 256 GB of RAM, unmetered bandwidth and huge storage drives. They specialize in providing fully managed hosting services, backed by their in-house expert support team, available LIVE 24/7.Visit site »

Bluehost offer one of the best and low cost, good support dedicated server web hosting. With below $100 per-month, users get 4x 2.5Ghz Fast CPU, 1GB local storage and 4GB memory RAM. With speed and performance on their priority tuned server, no wonder they are among the popular cheap dedicated server hosting.Visit site »

HostingSwift offer a fully self customize and upgradeable cheap dedicated server start at $35 per-month with Intel Atom 2.14Ghz, 2GB Ram and 500GB local storage.Visit site »

InterServer have one of the cheapest and affordable dedicated server for your need. Although its not as good spec as other cheap dedicated server, they only offer 1GB Memory, 250GB local storage with price tag at $60 per-month.Visit site »

Under $100 Cheap Dedicated Hosting

There you go, cheap dedicated server hosting which will not cost you over $100 per-month. There’s more web hosting that offer more lucrative and affordable dedicated server for your need but my personal suggestion would be go for a much cheaper dedicated hosting unless you’re receiving around 1 million page views or visitors traffic per-month. By that time, your site revenue will let you afford a more powerful and larger scale web server hosting.

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