Mobile Rhythm: 4 of the Best Rhythm Games You Can Play During Lockdown

best rhythm mobile games to play during lockdown
Most of us are inside our homes nowadays, as we’re waiting for this pandemic to die out. It’s guaranteed that most of us are bored and trying a lot of ways to feel better. Despite the quarantines, most of us have found ways to get out of boredom. One effective way to do that is by playing games.

Sure, you can play RPG games, shooters, or even multiplayer games, but the perfect genre you should play today are rhythm games. One of the best examples of a rhythm game is Guitar Hero and Rock Band. If you want a more classic example, then Dance Dance Revolution is perfect. However, to play these types of games, you need specialized peripherals such as a controller or a dance pad.

Thankfully, mobile gaming is on the rise, and rhythm games are perfect for this platform. To help you have fun during these trying times, here are some of the best rhythm games you can play on your mobile phone.


beatx rhythm mobile gamesMost of the time, rhythm games have a light story or even no story at all. You just start the game, follow instructions, and have fun. BeatX is like any original rhythm game. In fact, BeatX is reminiscent of older titles such as Dance Dance Revolution.

Instead of using a dance pad however, you have the comfort of tapping and swiping the directions that are displayed. BeatX allows using a controller or a dance pad via Bluetooth if you want to relive the classic feeling. Another cool feature that the game has is its impressive library of tracks. If you’re not up to their tracks, you can put in custom songs as well.

Cytus 11

cytus 11Cytus 11 is a rhythm game that features more complex mechanics instead of the casual taps. The game surprisingly has a set story wherein playing more tells the gamer more about the game world. The story of Cytus 11 is set in a distant future where scientific developments have made the real and virtual world the same.

The result from those worlds combined would be cyTus. Within the virtual world of cyTus, an enigmatic DJ by the name of AEsir plays music that can captivate the people listening. By default, the game has a library of 30 tracks, with 70 more additional tracks for purchasing.

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BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!

bang dream! girls band party!If you want a blend of anime and rhythm games in a single outing, then “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!” is the perfect game for you. The game is from Bushiroad and is a product from the franchise of BanG Dream. The franchise includes other games, anime, music, videos, and concerts.

The game has two playable modes: Live mode and Story mode. Live mode is similar to a free play system where a player can play any unlocked song without limits. Story mode on the other hand, is more about progression. Playing the game and completing challenges enables the player to unlock content.

Noticeably, gacha elements are present in the game. These elements mean that a player can pick out characters to build up their team. Better characters result in greater performances and higher scores.

Groove Coaster 2

Most of the time, people complain about the rhythm game genre as repetitive. In Groove Coaster 2, however, combining elements from both rhythm games and a platform game provide a whole new experience within the rhythm game genre.

To move your avatar, you need to tap certain buttons on the screen. Of course, with every rhythm game comes music. Groove Coaster 2 has over 150 tracks to choose from. These tracks are often songs and compilations from EDM and techno artists. With an impressive library, you’ll never run out of things to do in Groove Coaster 2.


Rhythm games might look simple for some, but gamers that are into this genre know that it isn’t that easy. From unique storylines to complicated mechanics, games such as Cytus 11, Groove Coaster 2, and BeatX will have gamers wanting more.

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