Famous GBA Games: Pokemon Emerald and Metal Slug

We didn’t have fancy smartphones and laptops in distant 90s. However, we had pretty interesting and thrilling video games, which by no means conceded to their modern remakes. Of course, except the quality and visual effects. Playing Nintendo and Gameboy Advance video games was a huge part of children’s leisure activities and holidays. Didn’t you like to compete in Kirby, Pokemon, Super Mario or Legend of Zelda too? Probably two the most popular games of those times were Pokemon Emerald and Metal Slug.

Today, we’re going to recall those two wonderful games providing you with a few tips on how to play them on your modern PC or laptop. Well, first things first, you’ll need to download any of gba emulators and two ROM files to play the games. Choose gba emulator download file accordingly to your OS (Windows, Mac, or Android). Then, run it on your device, and open gba roms download files directly in the game window. That’s what needed for the installation process.

gameboy advance

And now let’s discuss the games themselves.

Pokemon Emerald and Metal Slug Advance Reviews

If you don’t remember what Pokemon Emerald and Metal Slug versions exactly are, we’re going to recall the main elements of the games for you.

Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Emerald played an important part in childhood leisure for a lot of people. It was probably the most favourite game for thousands of children among all that existed on Gameboy Advance.

The storyline of Pokemon Emerald will be understandable for everyone who has ever played any of the Pokemon games. You begin your journey to become a Pokemon master. Throughout the game, you have to catch, train, and evolve your team of Pokemons. The Emerald version has specific types of damages and specific types of Pokemons to collect. It also offers a variety of different attacks and defences. In terms of difficulty, this remake is not so difficult as soon as you figure out how everything works.

One of the most distinctive features in the game is its graphics. The developers did a really good job concerning the visual quality of the game. It is definitely a great level of graphics quality for a typical GBA game. And the soundtracks are also pretty good.

pokemon emerald

Metal Slug Advance

Metal Slug is as much action-packed as it possible for the video game, launched in distant 2004. It is a newer part of a run-and-gun series, which were created even earlier than this one.

The main features of this particular version are:

  • Cartoony look graphics;
  • Newcomer characters to choose from;
  • Advanced rescue operations, battles, and survival training missions;
  • New addition in form of a health bar on the top of the screen;
  • No extra lives in the game;
  • Collectible cards in the storyline;
  • Few bright colours in graphics.

Metal Slug Advance is a good example of a classic action game, which all of us used to play when we were kids. It is a great way to keep busy while sitting in a train or standing in a queue.

Don’t waste your time. Grab your laptop, download the emulator and play the games.

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