What is a Good Drum Set for Beginners?

what is a good drum set for beginners
Deciding to start playing drums is an excellent choice to do this 2020! Drumming is a great activity that is beneficial to both brain and physical wellness. Nevertheless, picking a set of drums can be a struggle for beginners, especially for those without any background on drum kits for sale. It can be stressful to go into a music instrument shop, not knowing what drum kit to purchase.

Best Beginner Drum Sets of 2020

Playing drums requires time and commitment. It is an instrument that is not that easy to learn, and many young players tend to give up before fully understanding how to play. Besides the dedication to know and eagerness to play, having a good set of drums is essential in making a good musician. We prepared a compiled list of the best drum sets to help beginners choose their drum set for the future. If people have the right information and background of drum sets, they can find a great and fitting one to help them become remarkable musicians.

1. The Pearl Roadshow Drum Set

The Pearl Roadshow is by far the top choice as the best entry-level drum set for starters.  The Pearl Roadshow is an optimum choice for newbie drummers who wants to learn how to start playing drums. For one, it makes excellent drum shells and exhibits a fantastic mix of a starter and pro-level, which is advantageous for a beginner drum kit. It is a top pick recommended for those who still are not very familiar with the drums. Compared to other drum sets, the Pearl Roadshow provides users with a better overall sounding kit since the shells have more significant amplification. The snare drum offers a better crack, while the toms that come with it resonates with better sound. Moreover, Pearl Roadshow offers many shell configurations. Users, who prefer the old drum setting, are also provided with bigger toms with fusion setups having comparable shell sizes of an Accent drum set.

Inclusions of rock configuration are as follows: 22-inch kick, 14-inch snare (for the drums), 12-inch rack, 14 inch, and 16-inch floor (for the toms), 16-inch crash-ride, necessary hardware, 14-inch hi-hats, one drum throne, drum key, kick pedal, and two drumsticks. The drum set usually comes in two individual packages during the time of its delivery.

2. The Mendini by Cecilio Adult Drum Set

The Mendini By Cecilio Adult Drum Set is a cheap affordable drum set for beginners. This drum set is recommendable for starters who want to learn the basics of drumming without spending too much money on quality drum sets. The Mendini offers excellent options for players just starting, especially for the groups of adults and teenagers. Mendini’s full-size kit is the perfect drum set kit for those who want to “try” the drums and aren’t fully committed. The equipment is very affordable and is a decent value for drum starters, and comes with shells that are cross-laminated poplar shells.

In one set of Mendini By Cecilio Adult Drum Set, the inclusions are a 22″ bass drum, a 14″ snare, 14.5″ hi-hat (strange sizing), 12″ and 13″ rack toms, 16″ floor tom, and a 16″ crash cymbal. Mendini also comes with a drum throne, nameless wooden drumsticks, a snare stand, a chain drive kick pedal, a cymbal stand, a hi-hat stand, and assembly instructions.

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3. The Ludwig Accent Drum Set

The Ludwig Accent is an Incredible-sounding drum from a top drum maker. The drum set offers a solid foundation for beginners. The brand is trendy among professional drummers since Ludwig makes excellent shells for this price. The Ludwig Accent is also a tremendous entry-level drum kit with excellent toms that are warm and can sustain nicely when in tune. The tune of the bass drum can also be modified by both switching out the batter head.

The Ludwig Accent also comes with the kick drum, snare drum, toms, hi-hats, a kick pedal, throne, sticks, floor tom, a crash cymbal, and one drum key. The toms of this drum set are tinier compared to those of the Mendidi as there is a 10″ and 12″ tom drum provided. Hardware is part of the package of one Ludwig Accent set.

4. Tama Imperialstar Drum Set

The Drum Set of Tama Imperialstar is another recommendable drum set for beginners looking for a professional touch. The set provides fantastic sounds considering its price that is suitable for its quality. Tama Drums is a well-known manufacturer of drums. Although it is more expensive than the previously mentioned ones,  the quality consumers get is worth the price. The Imperialstar isn’t the top choice for some beginners’ drum kit because of its price. Still, it is the right choice to consider for beginners with enough budget to purchase the set. Moreover, Tama’s Imperialstar provides many various finishes and colors, which is not common among most beginner drum sets. With this it adds more detail and personal touch to the drum set.

The Tama’s Imperialstar drum set kit includes one 22 inch bass drum with a 16-inch floor tom, one 14 inch snare drum, and 10″ and 12″ toms. Aside from the drums, it also consists of the Meinl cymbals, a great cymbal manufacturer.  The inclusions are 14-inch hi-hats, 16-inch crash, 20-inch ride, and extra 10-inch splash cymbals. Compared to the cymbals of the other drum sets, this set offers better cymbals sound.

5. The Shell Pack of Gretsch Drums Catalina

Shell Packs from Gretsch Catalina are the optimum choice of severe drummers aiming for great-sounding drums. Consumers must purchase the cymbals and hardware individually in this set, but doing so is worth it because of the resulting quality of great sound. It is also more expensive than the other drum sets.  The Gretsch is a famous instrument producer and is known for high quality sounding drums. They focus on selling shell packs compared to the other drum companies. It is crucial to remember that these packs are expected at the higher side of the market whenever purchasing drums. Like Tama Imperialstar, Catalina Birch also offers their kit in various shades of colors, giving it a more superior look.

Catalina Birch has various configurations for its shell size. However, the most common design includes one 22 inch bass drum, a 16-inch floor, ten, and 12-inch five-piece toms.


Drumming should be a fun and enjoyable experience, and it starts in choosing the right drum kits for sale hassle-free. Before spending a great fortune to buy a new drum set, beginners should first look in the market to check for available options and get the best according to their needs and preferences. For beginners looking for their future drum set, keep in mind the list of the best drum sets we have gathered. This list can help beginners visiting a music instrument shop to find the drum set fit for their needs.

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