Supporting Child’s Mental Health During Covid-19

family staying at home during coronavirus

We all know that pandemic Covid-19 has caused many disruptions to the normal daily life routine of human beings and to the whole world but what we often don’t focus on is the psychological effect on children’s minds. It is really sad that we as human beings pay attention to many things, but do not pay much attention to the future of our family and country, children. We ignore their feelings. It is very surprising that due to this negligence, depression, and anxiety are increasing in children too, due to which cases of short-term memory loss and mental diseases are increasing in them. Children are now getting irritated instead of happy in the name of studies, their marks have started coming in handy and parents are immersed in the thinking that why children are not getting good marks even after studying in Costly Schools and Costly Tuitions? The real reason for this is the deteriorating mental state of the children. No one talks about his mental state and problems and due to this, kids become introverted and stop sharing anything with anyone. This was a common scenario, now another problem has come on this too as pandemic Covid-19. When pandemic Covid-19 hit the whole world then it was a compulsion that the whole world shut down and was locked inside the home to save lives as this pandemic is contagious and spreads through physical contact. Hence from child to adult, everyone was locked inside their home on order of governments of the whole world.

Now children were very happy in the early stage of lockdown because they were from a hectic and strict atmosphere of the school and that too for long periods of uncertainty but soon, they started to miss their school and peer group of the school. Whole-time they used to be kept locked inside the home without any games to play outside. They had to wear masks all the time which made breathing quite uncomfortable. Also, distance from their friends started to make children’s behavior irritating and agitated. Being tangled in the dangerous situation of this pandemic where everyone was battling to live only somehow such horrible mental status of children swept aside which caused a weird situation. When the government was able to hold the situation of the pandemic with tireless efforts and schools and colleges opened, students were not ready to go to school. It was so because students got in the habit of being taught at home through online education. Online education proved to be a boon. When children’s mental status was getting out of control then online education came as a school that used to bring all the joy to the students and they didn’t have to go anywhere for that. To support the children with their worried and panicked minds, teachers chose the best app for online teaching and their selection of the best app for online teaching brought previous joy and happiness to the children’s faces as they were enjoying studying through the education app. Students started selecting any education app which was convenient for them and was able to make topics clear to them to understand and started completing their course in an innovative way. During Covid-19 students had to go through a lot and had to endure many things which they were not able to tell anyone and parents were also not able to understand their issues. Here teachers and mentors played a good role to accompany the student’s mental status by counseling and making them relieved in such situations. When anxiety hits the mind then learning becomes a very difficult process so here experiences of elders and teachers help children to cope up.

Parents and teachers if they want to support a child’s mental health during such devastating situations, then they talk to them at regular but small periods of time-intervals so that children should not feel alone and left in such a panicking situation. Regular counseling and guidance make them feel empowered and also boost up their morale to fight and get through such situations. Children should be taught proper planning of their daily study schedule which should include proper rest to mind and health and a fixed diet plan to keep health in a fit position. They should be given all the possible means to complete study work even if they have to study from home online. By applying these above-stated measures children’s mental health will get proper support and they will grow like a lotus in mud.

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