Tips for Long Bike Rides

tips for long bike ridesWho doesn’t enjoy long bike rides? It can be one of the most thrilling, exciting and educational experiences as one gets time to reflect and take in the amazing natural beauty around us. But there are some tips that can maximize the joy of going on a long bike ride. Read on to learn more:

Tip#1: Be realistic

It is important to be realistic when planning a long bike ride. It might seem like a great challenge to push your limits and set some kind of personal record you can brag about in front of other bikers, but you must understand your personal limits of stamina and endurance. Always plan a long bike ride for a distance that is not more than 1.5 times than the maximum you have travelled. This little trip can ensure that you stay safe and refreshed throughout the ride.

Tip#2: Plan Ahead

Remember that you’ll be away from home and family and all the comforts of your house for at least a week. Make sure that you’ve made all the necessary preparations for a smooth, safe and uneventful ride. Unexpected things happen, so you have to plan for contingencies. Make sure you have all the Bike Bandit gear. Plan your route and identify all the restaurants, cafes, clinics, restrooms, gas stations and marts along the route. Plan your stopovers in advance. It also helps to check with the road authorities to know if any construction is taking place along your route. Of course, checking the weather forecast is highly recommended.

Tip#3: Follow Safe Practices

It is extremely important to be safe on the road. For most of the time, you’ll be far removed from a health facility, so make sure that you do not take any stupid risks with your health or safety. Always follow the speed limit and stay focused on the road. Slow down your speed if it starts to rain.

Keep your cool when there is a lot of traffic on the road. Don’t respond to aggressive drivers with aggression, or get mad at them. Just let them go and keep your focus. Avoid riding when you’re feeling sleepy or immediately after you’ve had caffeine or any other stimulants since these could interfere with your driving.

Tip#4: Pack Wisely

Remember not to over-pack, but make sure you have all the basic necessities. This means accessories such as a rain suit, sunglasses, flashlight, a small tool kit, first aid box, your favorite dirt bike accessories, and daily medications. Keep your phone charger with you as well as a spare battery.

Tip#5: Obey the Rules

A safe ride is a good ride, and following road rules helps you stay out of trouble and enjoy your ride. Especially if your long bike ride takes you across counties or states, make sure you stay aware of difference in speed limits and lane rules.

Following these simple tips will help to make your trip safe, enjoyable and memorable. If you follow them meticulously just once, they’ll become part of your system and you’ll rarely lose sight of them again.

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