Tesla Tablet H7 Review

tesla-tablet-h7-reviewTesla is a tablet brand that has become well accepted on the market for a short period of time, considering it offers affordable models.

The thing Tesla stood out with from the beginning was definitely the relation between invested money and the things you get, so buyers were allowed to purchase a pretty decent device for not so high amount of money, especially due to economic crisis still going on in the world.

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Tesla Tablets Comparison

A little more than two months after the first mode, Tesla as a brand already has 3 tablets in its offer. The device who has stared the whole story – Tesla 785 considered almost 8 inch 4:3 ratio screen, while the last two models L7 and H7 are more compact 7 inch tablet, and they have one thing in common, they are run by Intel chipsets.

While Tesla L7 is somewhat weaker comparing to other two in terms of speed of the processor, H7 is on higher part of the bar, because it actually shares the same chipset as the first 785 model. If you are not familiar with just mentioned device, we are pointing out that here we are talking about just right Intel Atom Z2580 chipset. It stands out with dual core Saltwell processor running at 2 GHz and PowerVR SGX 544 MP2 graphic chip.

We are not thrilled too much with the fact that it features only 1 GB of RAM memory, we expected more comfortable 2 GB like at L7, but H7 has followed the footsteps of model 785. Another thing next to chipset and RAM it is pretty much the same to 785 if we compare internal storage of 16 GB, which is expandable with microSD cards up to 32 GB. Battery capacity of only 2800 mAh is something phablets have already passed (although we still have to see how it works in practice), and when it comes to cameras, there are 2 MP and 5 MP combinations.

Certainly it is not only the package that makes H7 stand out from its price range, there is also its high quality casing. The front side is as usual completely covered in glass, with tight edges left and right from the screen, and except front camera, on the front side there aren’t any elements that stand out.

Plastic part with chrome imitation goes up to the half sides of the tablet, while the other half is something else. The material that leaves the best impression is the metal that is located on the most of the back side, and two white areas on top and bottom of the back side is plastic with leather imitation, which look really nice and it feels nice.

Another thing Tesla H7 is similar to 785 model is version of Android it comes with. It comes with a bit older Jelly Bean 4.2.2 which really isn’t that logical, because cheaper and inferior L7 comes with fresh Android KitKat 4.4.2. Whatever the motive is for adding the latter version, interface situation pleases us, because just like other Tesla models, the tablet features AOPS ROM version with Google Stock look, which is familiar to everybody.

Tesla H7 is totally light and pretty compact 7 inch tablet, and it is also pretty thin and has high quality built with metal on the back, so it is really great for use. This screen size, is without the doubt the most suitable for mobile use and carrying, and because it is only 106mm wide, it is very suitable for single hand use, actually this is one of the narrowest tablets we have ever used.

Panel is of IPS type, which nowadays definitely isn’t rare, even with the cheapest devices, but the most interesting thing at H7 model is high 1920 1200 resolution. So the image is very sharp, with pixel density of 32 ppi, just like at Google Nexus 7 2013 model.

Speakers (or single speaker) as well as in other two Tesla models aren’t its strongest suite, so the situation is a bit dire. Pretty simple sound, unnatural and with solid volume, nothing special really.

The area where the Tesla H7 has disappointed us most is the autonomy of the battery. Battery capacity of 2900 mAh is just too small. That is a capacity expected on a 5 inch smartphone, but that definitely isn’t enough for one 7 inch tablet with this high resolution. Add to that not so economical Z2580 chipset, and the result is pretty clear.

To check out the Benchmarks test on Tesla H7 tablet, please visit this Youtube page – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fc4yRznbUEg

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