How To Combine Your Offline and Online Marketing Efforts?

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Marketing is a major aspect of any business which means to be successful and there are hundreds of different marketing strategies which can be employed to make the consumers market aware of your product or service. The idea of marketing is not only to create awareness though, it is to make your product sound as appealing as possible without fibbing. Over the last two decades, the internet has played a major role in marketing campaigns as it has opened up new avenues for companies to advertise their brand. The last decade especially has revolutionized the way in which many companies market their product and this is partially due to the integration of mobile devices with web sites. People can now browse the net while on the move, meaning companies of all varieties have been able to really cash in and generate twice the revenue they were able to in decades passed. However keeping marketing campaigns exclusive to an online platform would be quite foolish, considering there are still many ways in which a business can advertise their product or service without a modem. Clever integration of both online and offline marketing strategies can help your company to excel to new limits so pay attention and have a quick browse at some of the techniques below.

The box is still a major player

If you have the budget to advertise on television, do not be fooled into thinking that those 15 seconds of fame will be enough to lure new consumers into your orbit. Use your telly time wisely and consider what else can be done to achieve maximum results. In the old days, many television advertisements would employ some kind of vocal small print at the end of the advert, perhaps stating the address of the company headquarters or something similar. These days, all you need to do is include the Facebook logo or Twitter hash tag in a corner of the screen and people will respond. You have nothing to lose by trying this and it may help to utilise a free online traffic tool to keep track of your progress. These tools will keep you updated on the amount of consumers visiting your site on a daily or hourly basis. Download it a few weeks before launching your television campaign and keep your eye on it regularly to monitor any potential changes that occur within the first few weeks of your advertisement being broadcast for the first time. You could also use your status updates or Tweets to let your current customer base know that you will be advertising on television and depending on your business, it may help to incorporate a little humour into these advertising campaigns.

Use the web to its full advantage

When you are logged into Twitter or another social networking site, frequently update your statuses to let the consumers know you are still there. The great thing about these social networking forums is that they give you the chance to be a little more informal, highlighting the fact that your company is actually run by people. Loosen up and try to make your customers feel relaxed when they browse your business pages. These web sites are also a great way to let people know about any offline events, conferences or exhibitions you may have coming up.

Don’t let the computers take care of everything

Although it is very useful to have automated systems operating within your business, many people can find them incredibly annoying. Instead of using automated email responses, why not use an offline strategy and phone your customers back directly. This will create an element of surprise for starters which can be a formidable advantage within business, not to mention the customer will feel far more comfortable dealing with your business in the future. Although its a little old fashioned, you could even resort to sending them a letter and by visiting, you will be able to design the perfect letterhead, one which encapsulates the bedrock principles of your business with imaginative flair. Using either personally written letters or a phone call will engage trust in your customer, thereby allowing you to promote your business more successfully.

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