The Value of JavaScript for Android in Web Development

android-javaWhen it comes to using Java programming language for Android, you should know that JavaScript is quite different compared to other programming languages available in the software field. However, potential web developers always prefer to take challenges for using different language program. Therefore, in order to meet the demands, a new improved set of web developers or skilled programmers emerged who possess enough knowledge about the Java development kit. Moreover, the cross platform abilities of the language have created a huge demand among a class of programmers who are capable of writing with a large base of end users in mind. Java programming is considered to be the write once and run anywhere development language and hence knowing swing development and technology of the Abstract Window toolkit is also necessary.

Usage of JavaScript in Smartphone Market

With the rapid growth of the smartphone market, the Java language is also on the rise, especially for Android phones. In fact, web developing firms always want to hire programmers with the knowledge of Java as well as other systems. Mobile application development nowadays is reaching a greater height with the development and advent of new improved apps and games in regular basis like what is happening in William Hill UK Online Bingo. You must know that J2ME or Java 2 Micro Edition is a set of techniques, specifications and technologies that are exclusively designed and created for small devices like smartphones, tabs and more.


In short, J2ME is one kind of Java programming language as well as a software development platform that allows the programmers or developers to form mobile applications. Once the program is written on a specific device, you can run it in all sorts of devices which means the JavaScript can be used for any enterprise platform, desktop or even in a mobile platform. J2ME is a well-known writing application for Android devices. However, the chief USP of this language is that one can run the program written for one platform into any other platform.

Interesting Aspects of Java Program for Android

The special Java 2 programming language for mobile devices consists of three basic elements that are JavaScript similar to C++, a broad spectrum of standard application programming interfaces and a virtual machine that helps to form the foundation of Java 2 platform. You will be glad to know that several beneficial factors are obtainable if you are using Java program for Android devices that includes

  • One can work offline while using the Java 2 platform with the help of cached decks. In fact, with a Java enabled android mobile device, you can easily download and install the apps and games without incurring the connection charges. The users are even able to run the apps even at the time of no network available.
  • Even if Java can be used on a wide range of platforms, it is more suitable for emerging complicated apps and tasks.
  • Java programming language is capable of developing highly interactive web solutions along with providing a high degree security support.

However, in order to build a mobile application, one must need to different kind of files such as Java application descriptor file and jar files. Gmail for mobile, Opera Mini browser are certain excellent features of Java program.

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