4 Simple Growth Tips for Enhanced Local SEO

Conventional SEO focuses primarily on one thing – higher rankings for specific keywords. However, local SEO is a bit more challenging because you’re competing over keywords that are popular among searchers who are likely to be local prospects. In some cases, it is easier to gain higher rankings for local keywords than it is to reach the first page of Google for a global term. On the other hand, sometimes the local competition is already fierce, so you’ll need every tool and resource you can use to increase your web presence. Start with these four simple growth hacking techniques and you should be able to get any local business decent local SEO rankings:


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1. Rank Higher with Local Business Directories

Start by running a web search for a term like “(Name of your city) business directory.” This should return a list of free business directories on which you can list your company’s website and contact information. By listing your company on as many directory sites as possible you’ll be increasing your overall web presence and signaling to Google that you’re a notable name in the industry in relation to the keywords and terms that are commonly searched for in that sector.

2. Attract More Visitors through Facebook

Facebook holds a wealth of demographic and general interest statistics on its users, so using their advertising platform is one way to more specifically target your audience for heightened conversions and a stronger local presence. You might have already noticed that certain businesses in your area advertise on Facebook and are easy to find. For example, if you were to search Facebook for “concrete cutting in Sioux Falls” you would probably encounter ads from sites like www.allstatesconcretecutting.com.

3. Position Yourself as a Local Resource on YouTube

Another great way to get people to share/link to your site and begin trusting your brand is to start publishing informational or instructional videos on video sites like YouTube. This will help you rank highly within the Videos section of search results, which can instantly place you at the top spot for certain local keywords. Videos are also an excellent way to illustrate expertise and provide a more personalized form of answering questions and informing prospects.

4. Get on Google+

Listing your business on Google+ and making connections with other local businesses as well as members of the community will ensure that your business is easy to find online. This will help in addition to listing your site in Google Maps and any other business directory you can find from step 1.  Companies that have updated Google+ profiles are typically easier to find in all search engines, not just Google.

Use Pictures and Infographics to Generate Interest

As a bonus tip, be sure to stay active on social media, posting a variety of pictures, infographics and video clips. People like to share media and it makes your brand look more professional when you’re continually producing and putting out proprietary media content.

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