Your Business Website: Simple Tweaks for Enhanced Lead Generation

your-business-website-simple-tweaks-for-enhanced-lead-generationIf you are looking to find new customers there is little doubt that online is the place, so you need to make sure that your window to the world, your website, is optimized for enhanced lead generation.

You will probably be able to develop a good relationship with some marketing agencies who can help you to grow your business with some worthwhile strategies, but you will also need to ensure that your business website has been set up to encourage visitors to become customers.

Putting it all together

As you might expect, creating a website that is capable of powerful lead generation is not just a case of applying a simple fix and watching the customers come flocking to you.

We would all love it to be that simple, but it is also not that complicated either. What you are looking at is creating and adding a number of different elements to your website, which when combined, should bring all of the various components together and create close to the perfect lead generation tool.

The power of words

Great copy is one of the most important elements of a successful and attractive website.

There is more than element of truth in the old saying that the pen is mightier than the sword, and you can hardly ever go wrong if you manage to offer great copy on your website.

Your choice of words can be powerful and persuasive and if you are trying to persuade and provoke visitors into positive actions, you make use of words that encourage or form a call to action.

When forming your sentences, adopt a mindset of writing copy which is more active than passive in its tone.

Don’t forget the visuals

We tend to make a lot of decisions based on what we see, so you will need to cater for this common human characteristic, by providing good visuals.

Your aim should be to create a website which is aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functional.

One good way of achieving this powerful combination is to use a consistent theme throughout the website, that is capable of maintaining your interest and comfort over an extended period of consistent viewing.

No matter how good what you have to say is, if your website doesn’t have good visuals, it will deter some visitors and unless you get the font style, text size and color scheme to blend seamlessly with your background, it may hamper your viewing figures and conversion rate.

In addition to the basic design elements of your website, you should make good use of other visual tools such as images and videos.

Photos and videos help to bring a product or story to life and adding these extra layers to your web pages will often increase your conversion rate.

Make it easy to navigate

Many of your online customers are likely to place a certain emphasis on speed and convenience.

If you don’t make it easy for someone to navigate to where they want to be and fulfill a task like a request for more information, as easily as possible, there is a reasonably high probability that they will end up clicking away from your website.

Your aim should be to transport your potential customers from A to B in the conversion journey as quickly and efficiently as possible. Aim to avoid any needless or irrelevant additional distractions on your web pages, as the more distractions you have, the more you hinder your prospects of achieving a conversion.

Make your calls-to-action clear

The use of a call-to-action message is an integral component of any website where you are trying to get people to do something specific.

If you are trying to get someone to subscribe to your regular newsletter or request a discount code they can use on the site, make it obvious what you are wanting them to do and make it easy for them to do it.

Reinforce the specific intention of your call-to-action in your message, and personalize the response using the information they provide.

Don’t forget the landing page

Having persuaded customers to take some positive action on your website, don’t blow the chance to seal your new relationship, by neglecting the impact of your landing page.

You obviously want to say thanks on your landing page, but by providing a link to a related offer or by asking them to share a like on a social media, you will be getting the most out of your new relationship and generating a positive reaction, simply by showing your appreciation through a well-constructed landing site.


With over 25 years experience in marketing and advertising, Greg Maka, Managing Director, has worked with some of the most prestigious brands in the country as well as many emerging businesses and medical practices in New Jersey. His background ranges from National Sales Manager at the largest radio station in the nation to advertising agency executive to marketing consultant with businesses and healthcare practices in Morristown, Bridgewater, Piscataway, Wayne, Randolph, Somerset/Franklin Twp., Paramus, Edison, Rockaway, Phillipsburg, Fairfield, Parsippany, Clifton, Moonachie, Clinton and many other communities in New Jersey. Greg offers a wide perspective into sensible solutions for his clients creating unique, innovative strategies to help his clients become remarkable. He has been featured in numerous publications including Promo Magazine, Crains New York, Target Marketing, Radio Only, Direct Magazine, Direct Marketing, Star Ledger in NJ, as well as online in blogs and featured articles. He has also consulted media companies.

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