Key to Better Search Engine Rankings in 2016 – Some Powerful Tools for Checking Your Rank

powerful-seo-toolsOn the surface, you might feel that keyword research is an easy task where you just have to choose the keywords and use them within your website with the aim of achieving increased traffic to visit your site. But there’s more to it. The blunder that most people make is that they think that keywords are as simple as normal words; they look at them from their perspective and not from the point of view of the searchers. This is when they put in wrong efforts which lead to no considerable result in the search engine results.

What are keywords and why are they so important?

There are many professional search engine optimizers who don’t take into account the perspective of the customers while choosing keywords. They use buzzwords, industry jargon and other product names when they should actually be thinking and acting in terms of the customers. This leads to failed search engine rankings.

It’s not that it is wrong to use business jargons, but for an average consumer, a keyword isn’t only a word. It’s rather a question for them. Take a look at why and how the average internet user searches for something. According to a spokesperson Brad Geddes, keywords fall in to 4 basic categories.

  1. A question: Where can I find a personal injury attorney in Boston?
  2. The answer to the given question : A website for Boston personal injury lawyers
  3. A short description of the issue : Highest personal injury lawsuits in Boston
  4. A description of the problem’s cause: Met with a serious accident.

What you will notice in all the 4 formats is that the internet user is looking for some kind of information in all of them. In other words, they’re searching for an answer. They might not be using certain keywords, but they are definitely looking for some. Hence, without using the right keywords in your website, you can’t ever reach out to the intended target audience.

Track your search engine rankings online – Some of the most powerful tools

How would you know that your SEO efforts are paying off? Optimizing your on and off-page ranking factors and researching your keywords is a small portion of the entire SEO puzzle. If you’re gradually getting more and more serious about increasing your search engine traffic, you will require an effective way of measuring the results of your efforts. Thanks to the Google Rank Tracker, there are many such tools that can allow you to track search engine results. Check out some such tools.

  • SEO profiler: This is a full-featured package of web-based search engine optimization tools which include rank tracking, competitive intelligence plugins and tools, page auditing and also backlink tools. Through the keyword rank tracking tool, you can easily keep a tab on the ranking of your website on Google, Yahoo and Bing. By entering the keywords that you wish to track, you may also get keyword suggestions. The competitive analysis tools tracks the rankings of your strongest contenders and gives you a comparison with your own strategies.
  • SEMrush: SEMrush is popular for their special competitor research tools but they also have more to offer you. Through their position tracking tool, you can effortlessly track any keyword or domain, organize your keywords by keeping them together and also discover your new competitors with your rankings. SEMrush is a power-packed tool with tons of useful features like advertising, organic search, backlinks and keyword difficulty analysis tool.
  • Advanced web ranking: AWR or Advanced Web Ranking offers you a cloud-based tool for tracking your search engine rankings. Through this tool, you can track numerous campaigns, websites and competitors. With this tool, you can schedule automatic updates and you may even refresh data automatically any time. This tool has a special feature of location-based tracking for different local businesses and supports Japanese, Hebrew, Latin, Chinese or Korean keywords.
  • SE Ranking: SE Ranking might not be packed with some of the best features, but in case you’re looking for a simple and cost-effective tool, this might be the best choice for you. This is a fully-automatic tracker which is updated regularly with fresh data and you also require updating it manually to seek your real-time results. The good news is that there is an app for Android or iOS through which you can check anytime.

So, if you’re wondering about the ways in which you can track your search engine ranking, you may take into account the above mentioned tools. Apart from these, you can also visit Wincher for more information on keywords and increased search engine traffic. Unless you track your ranking, it is tough to know whether or not your efforts are getting fruitful.

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