Why Choose WordPress Cloud Hosting For Large Scale Blogs or Corporate Sites?

why-choose-wordpress-cloud-hosting-for-large-scale-blogs-or-corporate-sitesWordPress hosting and cloud computing are fast becoming the preferred choice of web users. This is the reason we see increasing number of WordPress users switching to the WordPress cloud hosting services for the optimal performance of their websites. Before we talk about the benefits of wordPress cloud hosting, let’s first discuss cloud hosting.

Companies such as HostsJunction are there to guide you in the selection of appropriate WordPress Hosting plans for your website or blog.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting service that delivers data from a network of connected servers. The web servers are located in different data centers scattered virtually around the globe. In layman terms, think of it as a hosting environment for the computing resources that are pooled and delivered over the internet.

Cloud hosting has various advantages over the conventional shared hosting. One of the primary benefits of WordPress cloud hosting is “instant scalability”, which means the capacity of a site to handle the fluctuating website traffic without crashing or slowing down. The clusters of servers connected to a cloud network make this possible.

What Makes Cloud Hosting Important for the WordPress Users?

WordPress today is no longer a blogging platform. It has grown to become one of the most versatile CMS ever developed. Big sites such as Mashable.com are on WP and they require an ability to maintain large amounts of web traffic. In addition to instant scalability feature, WordPress cloud hosting also extends a popular app extension, “Content Delivery Network” or commonly known as the CDN. You can easily add CDN through cloud hosting to host images and files to your site, without losing your site’s speed and loading time. The only downside of cloud hosting is the operational cost, usually starting at $20/ month. So, why should you prefer it over most widely used shared hosting?

What makes Shared Hosting Different from the Cloud Hosting?

A shared hosting service comes with inexpensive pricing structure, one click installers and an active customer service for the WP users. It is a good hosting choice for businesses that have minimal traffic and require integration of only the basic email accounts and applications, with price starting from just $5 a month. It works by using a cluster of static servers residing in one facility.

Unlike cloud hosting, shared hosting doesn’t come with the “instant scalability” feature, meaning that the site slows down as its size increases overtime. In short, it doesn’t provide the kind of control over a site like cloud hosting does and is usually meant for small sites.

Should you Switch to Cloud Hosting?

A WordPress site can be handled easily by both the shared and cloud hosting. However, the best results depend on the type of site you are hosting, the traffic estimate, type of content you publish regularly, visitor engagement and the way you desire to maintain your site.

If your plan is to build a lot of traffic, integrate complex applications and offer an in-depth user engagement experience then cloud hosting is the best choice available. Furthermore, if you fancy marketing your site by launching an SEO campaign, it’s strongly recommended to use WordPress cloud hosting for its amazing speed and CDN tools.

On the other hand, if you are planning to build a small personal online portfolio, a small blog or a corporate site that doesn’t require heavy functionality or traffic, shared hosting can serve you really well.

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