Video SEO Tips That Can Impact Your Search Rankings

If you’re not producing video content and taking full advantage of today’s video-sharing platforms, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities to boost your online presence and attract more traffic. Everyone is searching for videos nowadays. In fact, videos are slowly dominating internet marketing, especially now that search engines have begun to prioritize video content in search results too.

When posting videos on YouTube, you can actually apply some SEO tactics to boost their rankings and gain more viewers. You can also formulate an integrated SEO strategy so that your videos and your main site support each other. We’re going to take a look at the best video SEO tips to apply in this article.

Stay Classy with Keywords

Even with articles and other forms of content, search engines are moving away from keyword-stuffed pages and instead prefer high-quality articles and pages that offer a good user experience. The same approach can be applied to videos too.

You can add metadata to your YouTube videos. Aside from the title of the video and its description, you can also add tags, categorise the video, add it to a playlist, and more. When adding these elements, inserting a particular keyword that works well in searches is a must.

That said, never insert a keyword just for search engine purposes. Your title and video description must be readable. Spamming them with keywords will only get you penalized. More importantly, moderate the tags you use for maximum relevance.

Use Closed Caption to Your Advantage

Even when your video is in English and you specifically target an English-speaking audience, it is still a good idea to add closed caption (CC) to your videos. There is a huge SEO advantage to be gained when you have CC for your videos.

Search engine crawlers and algorithms have grown a lot these past few years, but they still can’t recognize speech or annotation in online videos. Instead, they look for the title and description to get a better understanding of what the video is about. More importantly, they scan for – yes, you guessed it – the caption included in the video for more info.

A complete CC means crawlers can understand your videos better. As a result, your videos will appear in more search results and will certainly rank better in general.

Annotations and Other Tools

Most video sharing platforms allow you to add annotations and links directly onto your videos. You can also use YouTube cards for the same purpose. The best way to use these tools is by integrating them into your video from the start.

Top animation companies like Spiel cleverly integrate the use of annotations to the animated videos. Instead of just a standard annotation, the video will display a call to action that persuades users to act on the annotation appearing on the screen. This increases the click-through rate substantially and will certainly boost SEO performance.

These three tips we discussed are easy enough to implement. You can get started with boosting your search engine rankings by applying them to your videos. To further increase the impact and be even better at video SEO, be sure to stay tuned for more right here on

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