Super Glue Your Site: A Friendly Focus on User-Centric Web Design

super-glue-your-site-a-friendly-focus-on-user-centric-web-designWebsites that focus on user-centric design have a better chance at finding and converting customers than sites which do not. This is a big advantage when you are trying to grow your customer base and sell more of your products or services.

User experience plays a vital role on a company’s website: if visitors have trouble navigating your site or do not like the way they interact with it, then chances are they will be hesitant to visit again. If they come back because of a great experiences you will be more successful. Whether you design your website yourself, or enlist the help of a company like Appiloque, make sure that your site focuses on user-centric design.

What is User-Centric Design?

User-centric web design allows the architects of websites to anticipate the wants and needs of visitors. The designers gather data on the website’s target audience — whether through analyzing competitor sites or conducting in-house polls — and try to figure out from the outset how to best serve these visitors.

For example, user-centric web designers will think about the purpose of the website. What will people want to accomplish by visiting the site? What vital information will they need? How might visitors expect the site to work? Will the site be for a general audience or a specific one? All of these questions are important and will lead designers to a final website design that will provide a great experience for the customer and boost revenue for the company.

User-centric design also takes artistic elements into account as well, such as color scheme and line designs that match the company’s style and help visitors navigate the site easily and efficiently.

You Will Save Time

Most people who visit your website will have browsed the web in the past, so they will bring certain expectations with them. They will want ease-of-use, speed and a logical design.

If you fail to take this into account, you will quickly fall behind with providing what your customers want and expect. Focusing on user-centric web design from the start will help you avoid problems and wasted time in the future going back and making changes. If you or the web designer ask your target audience beforehand what type of content they would like or expect, you can build their responses into the website from the start, avoiding the trouble of a redesign later on.

This will also save you money because nearly 88% of website visitors will not return to a site after a bad experience. Chances are, your company can’t afford numbers like that. By taking care of things early, you will not have to worry about losing customers.

Improved Customer Loyalty

It’s only logical that if people will not return to a site because of a bad experience that they will return to a site that provides a great one. This is not only great for immediate sales, but it also builds a foundation of loyalty between your company and your customers that will increase revenue in the future as well.

Think about it: if you run a website that not only offers your products or services, but also is a source of interesting content and ease-of-use, then your visitors are sure to return every so often to what’s new. This is great for your business because it almost ensures that they will purchase something in the future. You will be sure to separate yourself from competitors who make the mistake of not providing a user-centric experience.

And if their experience is especially good, they may even recommend your site to others.

More Conversions

If you focus on the user, then you will not only keep the customers you have, but it will be easier to convert visitors to customers as well.

When a first-time user visits your site and they find what they are looking for quickly — even if they do not make a purchase — they will remember that experience in the future. If your design is sleek and gives them what they want, then they will inevitably choose to revisit your site rather than your competitors the next time they want to make a purchase.

Making conversions from visitor to customer is a vital step in building any business and by providing user-centric design from the start, you will be sure to make these conversions with ease.

When it’s time to design a website for your business, make sure to keep your visitors in mind at every step.


Joey is the Founder and Managing Director of Appiloque Pte. Ltd. Being a serial entrepreneur and tech investor based in Singapore, he has built Appiloque to become his most successful business to date. With a team of 32 savvy digital marketers and being at the forefront of innovative technologies, Appiloque aims to help businesses take over the digital world with marketing efforts driven by user-centric experiences and data-enabled strategies. Joey also strongly believes in helping his clients achieve more without breaking the bank. In his free time, Joey is a true-blue Singaporean foodie and enjoys exchanging ideas on the topics of innovation and investment.

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