Computerized Maintenance Management System – A NextGen Solution for Businesses

It is the desire of facility maintenance managers, technicians, business owners and other employees who are involved in facility maintenance to have a system that can help them improve their productivity and functions. There are several automated systems in the market that help facility managers generate maintenance requests automatically and among them is the CMMS software solution for businesses. This is a cost efficient, easy to use and effective system that can help you complete a variety of your business processes quickly and in the most efficient manner.

Actually, if you have complicated software, the users may resist its implementation. The frustrations, the learning curve and the cost of implementing new software can be huge. Because of these barriers, most business and organizations go for many years without implementing a new system that can help them improve the efficiency of generating their maintenance orders and ensure that work orders are completed on time. This is where Hippo CMMS comes in to provide the fantastic solutions to these problems.

Hippo CMMS is Powerful and Affordable

Hippo CMMS is without doubt a powerful and affordable management system that serves the needs of diverse industries perfectly well. From Education, healthcare, nonprofit and many more, this management system has been proven to deliver incredible results. Most solutions that are in the market today are expensive to set up and cumbersome to navigate. Their maintenance cost is way beyond the reach of most people.


Hippo CMMS is incredibly efficient

Facility managers can use Hippo CMMS to track and manage their inflow of maintenance requests, reduce the amount of time which they take to respond to maintenance requests, cut down on equipment downtime and assist managers make good decisions from highly accurate reports. Whether its educational institutions, hotels and many more, facility managers stand better chances of making the right decisions on time. For instance, the facility managers can opt for ad-hoc fire inspections based on reports that have been generated by the computerized software. This goes a long way in detecting potential hazards, while also ensuring everyday chores run smoothly.

Hippo CMMS is a Convenient and Automated Work Order Management System

Hippo CMMS is a superior platform where facility managers can assign and submit resources, documents and assets and track maintenance requests on demand. An inbuilt work order form can be used to submit these requests. All notifications that are sending through the system are received in real time.


Hippo CMMS is Easy to Use

No matter your technical level, this online work order management system provides you with a system where you can modify track and manage workflow. There are quite a number of modules that you can use to help you move away from telephone, paper and email techniques and enjoy an integrated system. With some little orientations, you will find Hippo CMMS to be quite easy to use and there is no special knowledge that you will need.

A Wide Range of Features


Although Hippo is easy to use, it comes with a wide array of features that can help you manage your maintenance related workflows. It caters for the needs of the users-from technicians, facility managers and outside contractors. Some of the common features that you will find include user permission-settings, alert notifications and a centralized work order and tracking system. All these systems help in making sure that easy to create and edit a work order, while also ensuring about the nature of maintenance work, due date, resources that are required and many more. It also permits the user to modify the fields whenever there is need.

Mobile Enabled App

Hippo CMMS works as a mobile app, therefore making it possible for the users to submit and modify work orders using apps on their mobile phones. The dashboard has interactive features, where work orders can be viewed and managed. It is also possible to search work orders depending on a laid down criteria. Moreover, work orders can be printed off individually or as a part of a batch.


Hippo CMMS is the best solution to the effective management of your work orders. To check out hippo cmms, please visit It is feature rich and has been proven to be of great use to facility managers and technicians who work tirelessly to ensure that work orders are seamlessly executed and managed.

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