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Ranking at the top of Google doesn’t happen by mistake. No one just creates a great article, posts it to their site and magically appears on the first page of Google for highly sought after and targeted terms… it just doesn’t happen that way.

With more than a billion active websites, blogs and businesses releasing new content all the time, the days of ‘just ranking’ at the top of Google are over. This means, the only real way to effectively push your way through the competition and appear on the first page of the search results is to put in the necessary time to research your target keywords, create super high-quality content and then use link building and social promotions to get there.

Another option is to hire an expensive SEO agency, but who wants to do that? Even if you did hire someone to do the work for you, it’s very likely that the same tools and tracking solutions are the same ones you could be using yourself.

Why Every Site Owner Needs an All-in-One SEO Tool

As the online world of content creation and marketing continues to get saturated a little bit more everyday, you must start thinking about how you can stand out from the crowd. It’s no longer just about content creation, but also the research and optimization process.

To best accomplish this, every site owner should be using a trusted and reliable all-in-one SEO tracking tool and platform. The benefits of using such tools is being able to track search rankings, analyze competitors, find new keywords and content ideas, and much more.

With all of that in mind, let’s get started with the comparison process!


moz seo tool
One of the most popular names in the online marketing and SEO space is Moz. Through the use of their online community, tutorials and resources, and search engine optimization tools, the site and brand have become quite a trusted and reliable source for anything related to SEO.

Through the use of their all-in-one SEO toolset, site owners and marketers have the ability to run site audits, track the rankings and movements of up to thousands of keywords and phrases, analyze backlinks for your own sites and your competitors, and of course the ability to discover thousands of keywords through their research tools.

Moz puts a lot of focus on the keyword research and analysis process, which is all done through their Keyword Explorer. Through the use of this tool, users can target keywords with accurate keyword volume and difficulty metrics, while also saving their keyword lists to keep an eye on which rankings are moving positively or negatively. In addition to Keyword Explorer, Moz’s Search Visibility can help site owners get a better overall picture of their SEO rankings and organic history and trends in place.

When determining if Moz might be the best option for your site and business, your budget is definitely something to consider. The lowest plans start out at $99 per month, and go down to $79 if you pay for a full year in advance. Plans also go up to $599 a month depending on your needs for tracking products, sites and how deep you want to dive into site data and search reports.


semrush seo tool
Another great resource for everything related to SEO, social media and marketing in general, is SEMRush. This brand has done a really good job at marketing their tools and platform, while also providing their audience with a slew of resources and tutorials through their site and blog. They’ve also become quite popular on social media with live chats and sharing valuable marketing data with their audiences.

All of this is put in place to ultimately bring users back to their site, where they can access the all-in-one SEO platform that SEMRush has continually improved upon over the years. It’s also great for brands looking to invest more time and money into social media and paid advertising options available through Google Adwords.

Much like Moz, SEMRush provides users with access to a number of tools and tracking reports for everything related to SEO, site optimization, social media and paid advertising. Some of the most popular features on the site include running technical SEO audits on your site, tracking daily rankings and ongoing movements, analyzing competitor SEO strategies and unlocking ‘not provided’ keywords. With so many different tracking tools and solutions in place, it’s important to take a look at the platform as a whole and decide on how many of these tracking solutions are needed for your own site projects or marketing campaigns.

As a user of SEMRush, plans are offered in three different levels, which cater to the needs of your SEO tracking and management. The Pro plan is the cheapest plan, which comes in at $99.95 per month and provides access to most of the tools on the platform. The Guru ($199.95 per month) and Business ($399.95 per month) are good options for multi-site owners or agencies that manage many client sites and offer options like white label reporting and API access.


ubersuggest seo tool
With the third spot on the list, we have Ubersuggest, which is one of the most efficient and user-friendly platforms in the SEO space. This makes sense, as the keyword research and analysis tool was built with site owners and bloggers in mind. What started out as a side project for Neil Patel to cater to the needs of his blog audience and own site project, has recently turned into much more as it’s now one of the most complete all-in-one SEO platforms on the market today.

When first visiting the site, you will notice it has a different look and concept in comparison to other SEO research tools. For instance, you can start searching for keywords and domain reports right away, without the need to create an account or sign up for a free trial. The amount of free searches you can perform daily is limited, but this is something you often don’t see from premium research and analysis tools.

As you make your way through the site, you will also notice it has a quick and easy learning curve without the heavy distractions and reporting that other platforms often come with. Even after performing a simple keyword search, the ability is there to click on any of the individual keywords to break it down to a deeper level of stats. This is perfect for site owners and bloggers looking to learn the basics of SEO and organic search analysis, without having data overload.

Like other popular SEO tools and solutions, Ubersuggest provides their users with all of the necessary tools and tracking features that you would expect to gain access to. Such tools include the ability to track site rankings and movements, finding new keyword suggestions, competitor analysis, content idea recommendations, keyword difficulty scores and more.

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In terms of pricing, this is where Ubersuggest has made the most impact and a name for themselves. First off, Ubersuggest offers the ability to search and use the site for free with limited use. Users can also create a free account to continually log into and connect to their site through Google Search Console. When it comes to premium paid plans, Moz and Ahrefs both check in at $99 per month for their lowest plans, while Ubersuggest costs just $29 per month. And when you look at the higher end premium plans offered on the site (for tracking more than 8 websites), the cost is only $99 per month.

Which SEO Tool is the Best? We Pick Ubersuggest!

ubersuggest best ideal solution seo tools
As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the need and importance for a reliable SEO tool and tracking solution is a must for site owners of all sizes. Without such tools and tracking in place, there is simply no way to keep an eye on your existing rankings, while improving them and also keeping an eye on your competition at the same time.

So, which SEO tool is best for you? We liked what Ubersuggest had to offer.

In comparison to Moz and SEMRush, Ubersuggest has nearly all of the same tracking tools and features, along with a much lower price point. This makes the solution ideal for site owners, bloggers, ecommerce businesses and brands of all sizes. As we also highlighted, we like how clean and efficient the site reporting is, without too much data to absorb at one time.

Yes, you will find a few other advanced features on the high-end premium plans offered by Moz and SEMRush, but unless you directly need those features, Ubersuggest is more than fine. A perfect example of this would be the white label reporting that is often being used by SEO agencies.

No matter which SEO tool and tracking solution you decide to go with, just make sure you get started with one of them today. The future of your site rankings and traffic depends on it!

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