Do More With Your Mac – Easy Ways For Maximizing Productivity

easy ways for maximizing productivity with mac
For any Mac user, you would want to do more with less. Amazingly, there’s a lot you can do with this OS if you know it well enough. However, a majority of users fail to dig down to the bottom of things that Mac is typically capable of. Even if you have been using the device for years, there could be still some features that you may not know. Let us share some simple and easy measures that can help you maximize your productivity without doing a lot.

Stack your desktop icons

A majority of users end up making the desktop a dumping ground, with more files, folders, and shortcuts than they need. Although you may do it to keep things within reach, the practice can clutter the desktop and even waste your time. Using Stacks is a great idea to organize your desktop and make files and folders easily accessible. It lets you group them and pile them up by category so that you need not spend a lot of time hunting for the ones you need.

Upgrade to the latest version

Running the latest version of the OS is a no brainer if you want it to excel in terms of speed, security, and productivity. Mac keeps bringing regular updates to get one step ahead on these fronts and Big Sur is the latest one it has launched. You can check this simple upgrade guide and get moving to the version without much work or professional assistance. The version is available in its public beta version right now while the update is expected to come by fall this year.

Save your searches

save mac searches
Another hack to be more productive with your Mac is by saving your searches in Smart Folders. With this feature, you need not kill time running common searches time and again from scratch. Moreover, these virtual folders are capable of storing constantly updated search results. You just need to set filtering criteria you want and you have everything in place in terms of saved searches.

Know your shortcuts

Well-chosen keyboard shortcuts can make a whole lot of difference to your productivity. With Apple, you get a wide range of shortcuts that let you work much faster than with the conventional PC. macOS enables you to even modify certain keyboard shortcuts or create your own as well. Once you know these shortcuts well enough, things can get much faster and easier with everyday tasks.

Type quicker with text replacements

Mac also offers a smart text replacement feature that can enhance your productivity manifold. You need not type the commonly used bits of text because the device can do it for you. Rather, typing agreed shortcuts is enough to expand them to the full string of text automatically. Once you apply these text replacements, they work across all the apps, wherever you input text.

type quicker with mac
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Although these measures do not require a lot of effort or tech skills, they can go a long way in enhancing your productivity. Go ahead and know your Mac better to get started!

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