How to Write Compelling Instagram Story Ads

how to write compelling instagram story ads
Do you still run ads on Instagram Stories? They could be your way to raise visibility about the brand, attract more followers, and boost your sales!

Many companies are thinking about placing ads through Instagram Stories. The said feature would significantly place you in a high position and take the competition ahead.

So why you wouldn’t? Instagram stories are used by millions of people every day. A third of the most viewed stories come from brands and businesses.

If you’re not yet using Instagram Stories for your marketing campaign (as well as other digital advertising platforms such as CPL One, Facebook Ads, Taboola, etc.), now’s the time!

Before creating ads that seek customer’s attention, it’s crucial to ponder the fundamental requirements of how to write compelling Instagram Story Ads first. Let us start with the three most important steps to consider:

1. Determining your campaign objectives

To determine your objectives, make sure to consult yourself first about what do you want to achieve through your ad theme? There are several options of ideals for Stories Ads, which include app installations, brand recognition, engagement, video views, lead productions, and modifications.

2. Form your target audience

instagram target audience
Second, your target audience includes the people who are associated with your brand, including those who already appreciated your page or your Instagram followers. You also have a choice based on your target audience’s interests, era, manner, area, gender, and dialect (. Story Ads display only for a few seconds, so make sure to determine your target audience.

3. Create a compelling call to action

This phase is the most crucial aspect of sharing your stories’ ads. If you want to encourage your audience to notice your ad and take action, use action words such as: to get, discover, buy, learn, see, and shop.

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Best practices to consider for creating compelling Instagram Story Ads

If you achieved the necessary steps, you might want to proceed with your Instagram Story Ads Strategies.

First few seconds impression

Audiences are less likely to ignore story ads that are visually captivating right from the introduction. Study and experiment with colors, imagery, and fonts based on your audience’s preferences or how you would prefer them if you were in their shoes.

Preserve your brand’s visibility

This is the whole point of creating Instagram Story Ads. To invite more people to notice your brand, make sure they know where it’s from and contemplate the visibility of your trademark logo as well. To make your brand stand out, concentrate on your product’s minimal fonts, colors, and design elements.

instagram story content optimize

Your text direction matters

Summarizing your words, as much as possible, is advisable provided the limited space for your scripts. The positioning is another thing. Don’t think of just laying your text anywhere you’d like because it might get overlooked by many or worse lose their interest. Remember to continually put your writing where it is recognized and prefer a font that is legible to avoid inconveniencing the audience’s part.

Blend Influencers in your Ads

To magnify your actions, arranging with your influencers or showbiz people is an excellent technique for your brand’s more likely to win the hearts of the audience. These people profoundly understand the public, so they might have outstanding ideas on how to tell a convincing story through your Instagram story ads. It could also help launch your ad campaign if your influencers decide to endorse your ad content.

That is it. It’s not that hard to catch those, right? We hope you have learned these basic rules and practices to apply them if you plan to create your own Instagram Story Ad. 

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