Making Sure You’re Getting the Best Mobile Deal

how to get the best mobile deal
Finding a suitable phone contract can be challenging given the overwhelming number of cell phone companies in the market. Most users opt for the traditional contract where one pays a monthly fee, which includes data, texts and call time. While such phone contracts have no upfront cost, the cumulative cost is usually lower. Users should compare various deals on sites like before signing up for the deals. Here are some points to help you choose a suitable phone contract:

Avoid Extremely Cheap Phone Contracts

Cheap deals help save cash but often have hidden charges that most companies avoid revealing in their contract forms. If you are using more data, texts or minutes than the allocated limit, you may be surprised by the steep charges assigned for exceeding such rates. As such, it is essential for users to determine how much they need and rates applied for exceeding the provider’s limits. If you use 1,000 or more texts in a month, sign up for a contract that provides as much. Similarly, avoid going for a contract that offers more than you need. If you are using an online site, consider service providers offering Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S10 with roll-over options.

Be Wary of Contracts that come with Cashback Offer

mobile phone contrats cashback
More sites are including cashback deals in their contract. Users should examine the type of cashback deal provided by the service provider as different rules apply for each. Cashback by redemption requires users to send monthly bill statements to claim the offer. Experts advise signing up for contracts that offer instant cashback deals as the user is not required to provide additional information. If buying the Huawei Mate 20 Pro from 02, users are entitled to an instant cashback of £40. The package includes 30GB of data, unlimited texts and minutes at a monthly fee of £37 with no upfront cost.

Consider the Length of the Contract

Most phone dealers are quick to compel users to sign up for two-year contracts. This is a pretty long time considering the new versions of phones released every year. The modern user wants to buy phones as soon as they are released hence, will not want to sign up for a contract that lasts more than a year. Most networks offer choices of 12, 18, 24 or 36 months contracts where the monthly costs reduce as the contract nears the end date. Users should also factor in the likelihood of phones like the iPhone XR and Galaxy S10 getting an upgrade within the contract period, which can render the phone useless. Consider signing up for an 18-month or 24-month contract as is flexible.

Haggle for Better Deal

mobile phone contract terms conditions
If your contract is ending, your service provider may offer an upgrade to a new mobile device. It is an excellent opportunity to negotiate for better terms within reason. At this point, you can stick to the current phone model, upgrade to a better phone, say Galaxy S9 or switch to a SIM-only plan. Be sure to research what other networks are offering and assess your needs so that you can tell your provider what you want. You may be surprised how much you will save on your contract. Service providers are willing to offer lower rates for existing clients to avoid losing them to competitors.

Consider SIM only Contracts

Most phone contracts focus on selling the latest phones in the market, e.g., the iPhone XR, iPhone 8 and Huawei Mate 20 Pro, among other options. Users who already have a decent mobile device and are not bothered about upgrading to the latest releases can switch to SIM only contracts. They only need to unlock their devices if they are looking to use a different network. Another option is to utilise online merchant sites where you can find great phones like the iPhone 8 for as little as £100. Be sure to wait until the company releases a new model as many users sell their current devices to but the new model.

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