How to Recycle New or Broken iPads For Cash!

how to recycle new or broken ipads for cash
With the new iPad releases every year, iPhone enthusiasts are compelled to ditch their old versions for the latest devices. Having a reliable recycling plan for the old phones goes a long way in saving the environment from accumulating e-waste. Several companies have been set up to encourage iPad users to recycle old iPad Mini 1, iPad 2, iPad 3 and other old Apple devices. Some companies offer gift cards while others have a standard rate for any iPhone sold on their platform based on several factors. shares useful tips on how to recycle an old or broken iPad for cash.

Research the Local Listing on Similar Devices

Most people expect their old iPad Air 1 to sell at 90% of the purchase price. This isn’t always the case. Apple makes new releases every year, thus an old iPad mini 2 or other old versions of Apple phones may cost significantly less. Most ‘Sell my apple ipad’ sites offer different platforms for users to compare prices and choose a site one that matches their rate, depending on the model, storage capacity and condition (new, used or broken).

Prepare the Phone for the Sale

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You want to keep the device in top-notch condition to get the best price. Experts advice on keeping the iPhone’s original packaging and if you don’t need them, store the cables and the charger in the box. It makes the iPad 4 or other old iPad attractive for sale. Also, check for dirt spots and wipe with a clean cloth and cleaning spray. Avoid wiping it too hard to avoid damaging the phone. Be sure to check the accessories, other features like the screen protector, the phone’s data or WiFi connectivity.

Take a Picture of the iPad

Prospective buyers on sell my Apple iPad sites rely on the photos when deciding whether to buy your iPad Air 2. As such, it is essential to use a good camera to take good photos. Find a friend with the best camera and ask him to take pics of your device. The pictures should highlight all the great features of your iPad Air 1, and the best way to achieve this is to take the photos in front of a mono-colour or white background. If your iPad mini 2 has gold, white or rose-gold colours take pictures in front of a dark-coloured background. Similarly, photos of a dark-coloured iPad 3 should be taken in front of a light-coloured background.

Write a Captivating Title

Most buyers read the title before looking at the device hence, the need to include all the essential details about the phone in the title, e.g., iPad Mini 1 512 MB RAM, 32 GB or 64 GB flash memory. Include a brief description in simple English so that it becomes easy for the buyer to relate with the advertisement. You also want to include any flaws and the accessories available.

Reset Factory Settings

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When you have found a buyer for your iPad Air 2, reset the factory setting to clear the memory. Be sure to follow the right steps to avoid loss of data or malicious use of payment method you have saved in your iPad 2.

Sign up for the Apple Renew Program

Alternatively, you can sign up for the Apple Renew Program. The program is designed to help users recycle old iPads, iPhones, Macs and other Apple devices in exchange for gift cards and good earth vibes. The process is pretty straightforward as the user only needs to provide information about the model of his iPad 4, its storage, WiFi or other data connectivity capability and a few other features for the site to provide the return value.

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