4 Benefits of Using Dictation Apps for Writers

4 benefits of using dictation apps for writersFor many writers, recording ideas when they pop into your mind is a common activity regardless of your location. However, in some situations getting a place to write your thoughts down can be hard or even impossible resulting in the loss of important ideas. It is for this reason that many writers invest in dictation apps that can be installed in computers or mobile phones. These apps are designed to convert voice into text making it easy to store crucial information with less effort.

Even so, dictation apps have many more advantages to writers that choose to invest in them, whether as beginners or established professionals. Some of the benefits that cut across the board include:

1. Better focus on work

Working on a computer can at times be distracting with e-mail notifications and social media messages among other issues. However, when using applications designed for converting speech to text you can be able to step away from the computer and still work with better focus and clarity. Also, taking up other tasks is possible when dictating notes, making it possible to achieve more work within a short time period.

2. Faster speeds

Typing at fast speeds is limited with experts placing professional typists at an average of 2400 words per hour. However, when using an application that allows you dictate into it and convert to written word, the result is almost triple thus resulting in a lot of time saved. In cases, where the application has mastered your voice, the results after dictating might be much higher.

3. Enhanced accuracy

It is possible to maintain almost 100% accuracy when dictating into an app that has mastered your voice. This will reduce the time in which you would have spent making corrections when typing out the words on your own. Even so, proofreading your work is still important to ensure that everything has been converted in the right context.

4. Increased convenience at work

Typing out information on your computer is almost always done when sitting that could lead to problems in the back and straining of the eyes when trying to make out information on the screen. However, with dictation applications the opposite is true as users can move from one place to another while getting their work done.

Overall, applications that convert speech into text are the best options for writers that want to enjoy their writing journey regardless of their location.

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