5 Reasons Why You Should Use Green Screen

If you make video content regularly and seeking new ways to both enhance your video quality while producing even more videos, then you will be pleased to know that the latest green screen technology can help you accomplish both.why use green screen

Subsequently, in this post, I will run through the features and benefit of the green screen technology and also help you discover if it is indeed the answer to your video production needs.

This tutorial can help you get started on all you need to know about green screen technology

Without further ado, let’s go into the details!

Most people are not sure about what to think about green screen. Mainly because they see it executed brilliantly in money-spinning Hollywood movies but poorly implemented in YouTube videos.green screen implemented in youtube videos

Regardless, strides have been made with regards to the technology behind green screen, and you can get amazing results even on a low budget. The benefits range from saving loads of both time and money, in addition to drastically improving the quality of your video and shooting in locations where you normally wouldn’t be able to.

Below are five clear reasons why you should really give green screen technology a keen thought for your videos. At the end of the list, I will show you the best way to get started.

1. You No Longer Need to Shoot in the Best Location

Most people usually first find an excellent location before they even think of shooting or making videos so that the videos can come out sharp and professional.

However, the more elegant the set, the more amount of money you would need to budget and not forgetting that it can take a while to find the perfect location too.using green screen as background video shooting

Previously, I would normally just set up my videos in my living room because I had a great background and felt it was much cooler. However, the living room is usually a high traffic area and people were always interrupting or distracting me halfway into my video shoot.

So, each time I wanted to shoot in my living room, I had to contend with a whole lot, and it was incredibly hard to stay focused with so much distraction around.

Again, I also hard to battle with a sudden change of weather, aeroplane noise, people screaming outside or just sudden change in the overall atmosphere.

Therefore, it was logistically an upheaval task to keep making videos, and I found that it almost became an excuse as to why I stopped shooting as regularly as I used to.

Before I eventually set up my home studio, green-screen ensured that I could no longer have the excuse of not having a nice location to not shoot videos. I could now just film in a pretty small room in my house that usually would not even remotely qualify as a location to film great videos.

So, after the filming, I simply used green-screen to alter the background of the scene to create an overall final cut that was amazing and colourful after editing.

This also meant that I no longer hard to look for the perfect location to shoot videos in and I could make videos quicker.

2. Set up Once and Retain the Set up as a Permanent/Semi-Permanent Studio

It used to be quite difficult for me to always set up and dismantle my gear every time. But once I moved to a green screen room, I could leave the lights and setup permanently in the location.

If you need some of your space after shooting, you can pack up some lights and leave it set up semi-permanently at your ideal height.

This will translate to an even faster setup and pack up the process. The whole idea is to making shooting videos as comfortable as possible.

That was actually really comfortable for me; I didn’t have to worry about setting things up every time, I just went into the room and started shooting when I wanted to.

Green screen helped me squash one of my greatest excuses for not filming as regularly as I would have liked back then. I instantly knew I had to shoot as frequently as possible.

3. You Can Make Amazing Videos with Your Smartphone or Decent HD Webcams

You do not need high-end cameras to get excellent results with green screen.make amazing video with smartphone

Today, the camera in your smartphone will do just fine, and even some of the inexpensive webcam like the Logitech c922 and c920 can all produce great quality green screen videos.

4. Now You Can Make Realistic Backgrounds That Do Not Look Fake

You can now use backgrounds that look very real when you make green screen videos.

Formerly, there were not too many realistic backgrounds available; these meant that you either had to make your own background, use a random photo or use a computer-generated studio background to use green screen.

The results were pronounced, and it was easy to spot that you were using a very fake background. This is one of the reasons why people didn’t rate it very highly before.

I personally experience this because when I started using green screen, I couldn’t find any realistic background, so I resorted to creating mine which was a natural environment of trees blowing out in the field and out of the window. This helped to make the background as realistic as possible.

However, today, there are a plethora of backgrounds to use for your green screen. You can now use really realistic backgrounds that look very natural and can help bring out the best in your videos, and your viewers will not be distracted by it in any way. They can now focus on your video and message rather than the lousy background in your video.

5. It’s Now Super Easy to Get Great Results

Now more than ever, you can get amazing results with green screen.

This is thanks to the development of the green screen technology and not just down to better cameras, but the share editing power of the editing software that has gotten better over time.video editing software fantastic video quality

So now you can get fantastic video quality from cheap or even free video editing software, and sometimes it’s as simple as just clicking a button.

Years ago, when I first started using green screen, the editing and post-production work was massive. The amount of tweaking and adjustment that had to be made with the editing software to get good results was just too many. And if you really wanted it to look real and standout, you had to spend even more time working with the editing software.

These days, a single button has pretty much replaced all the cumbersome editing steps that I used to battle with when I used video editing software. However, you can still take things further by harnessing the power of technology to tweak and refine your video to your preference, but you are sure to get amazing results in a short amount of time.

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