5 Simple Ways to Reduce Technology E-Waste

reduce technology e waste tips guidesE-waste, which has become a much popular term these days, can be generated via all of your electronic devices including computers, laptops, TVs, VCRs, music systems, printers, fax machines, mobile phones, gaming gadgets, etc. However, this “waste” may not really be a waste (in literal terms) most of the time when it is thrown away for disposal. So all of those television sets disposed of by people for being not-too-sleek, video games being old-fashioned, laptops being basic models, or mobile phones being less tech-savvy add up to the collective called E-waste.

Why is there a need to reduce E-waste?

The composition of electronics itself demands attention owing to the hundreds of materials (which are further composed of toxic heavy metals) that go in to produce one single gadget. When working through a cleaning project that includes electronics, renting a residential dumpster from this link can be the most convenient disposal option and ensures that e-waste is sent to the recycling facilities. The importance of proper and careful recycling of such e-waste is necessary from the mere fact that its improper disposal can turn out to be a major cause of several adverse effects for humans, animals, in addition to the threat of extreme environmental damages. The environmental effects embrace water, air as well as soil pollution (which can lead to a poisonous food chain in unimaginable and irreversible ways!).

What can be done to reduce E-waste?

The good news is that this e-waste can be effectively put to other uses through the same old 3 magical processes – Reuse, Refurbish, and Recycle. Responsible electronic waste recycling has recently emerged as a blessing in disguise for the massive amounts of e-waste being created and disposed of negligently even while you are reading this!

The credit-worthy initiatives undertaken by companies such as Apple, Samsung and certain others are commendable in this regard. What’s interesting is that even we at homes can do our bit in contributing towards technology recycling.

Guessing how? We’ve got one good reason for all:

Kids: Pass on your once favorite gaming gadgets to family, friends, or even for donations or charity. Your Done-and-dusted video games and play stations can add a bright sparkle to some other kid’s life!

Offices: Using cloud services altogether to save the massive amounts of data to be stored in a convenient and reliable manner.

General users: Just try to maintain your computers, laptops, mobile phones, and other electronic gadgets in a much more responsible fashion so as to increase their life and reduce the burden.

Mobile Phone users:  Could you imagine that your old disposed-off mobile phone can still serve as an amazing mobile security camera, or a GPS device fitted to your car steering, or a music system to play your favorite music.

Home users: Try repairing your devices before replacing them. Even at later stages, donating them, recycling them, selling out devices to recyclers is a better option.

Such easy are the ways to do e-waste recycling at your own personal end. And who would not want the added benefits of money saving as well as less energy consumption? So, next time to decide to dispose of any electronic device, try finding an e-waste recycler around you who can help you create just the right device again for you from that old and obsolete model.

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