In-Car Technology: Is It An Aid Or A Distraction?

benefits of in car technology
As technology begins to develop, there is no denying that the technology within our cars is becoming more and more common. But is it more of a distraction than a driving aid? Whether you are looking to buy a used Honda or a brand-new Tesla straight from the manufacturing line you will find some form of technology in your car to help optimise performance and increase driveability. In this article, we will be looking into whether or not in-car technology is becoming more of a hindrance than an aid when driving on your daily commute.

  • Self-Driving Cars

  • Though some may see this as a benefit, there are a number of reasons why self-driving cars are not the answer when it comes to the future of the automotive industry. Though some may see this as a safety feature when driving along the motorways, brand new technology can contain faults during the early stages. Because of this, this can present risks when driving on the open road as there may be risks that are not detected. Through this can be caught by the driver and prevented you are still increasing the risk of a cognitive distraction as you are giving your mind the opportunity to wander elsewhere.

  • Audio/Visual Distractions

  • car technology button control
    In addition to self-driving cars, there are also a number of other in-car audio and visual distractions that can lead to you taking your hands off the wheel or taking your eyes off of the road. Whether this is to adjust the air conditioning or reprogram the sat-nav, we are all guilty of losing concentration on the road over the course of a long drive. However, having buttons on the steering wheels also helps to increase safety when travelling with the family as you are then reducing the need to reach for specific buttons.

  • Increased Connectivity

  • One of the main benefits in car technology is the increased connectivity that you gain from it. With some cars coming equipped with their own internet connection and Google assistant or Alexa capability, you are in the loop even when you are on the road. Whether you are travelling alone for work or with the family away on holiday, you can have exactly what you need at a push of a button. In addition to this, the connectivity allows you to have access t all the latest traffic updates and other travel information allowing you to adjust your route accordingly for the best possible driving experience no matter where you are heading off to.

  • Safety Features

  • safer with smart car technology
    With safety features such as lane detection as well as assisted braking and power steering, you can have the features you need to ensure you and your family are safe regardless of the car that you decide to purchase. Whether this is electronic braking or cruise control for when you are on motorways, this can all help you to keep you and your family safe when driving from point A to point B.

Final conclusion

Whether you are looking to buy a state-of-the-art vehicle such as a Tesla, or you are looking to buy a second-hand car such as a Ford or a Citron from a dealership, you can be sure you will have the safety features needed for the best possible car for your family as well as your daily commute.

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