How Artificial Intelligence Will Evolve in the Future

how artificial intelligence will evolve in the futureTechnology is advancing on a larger scale, and every day people are looking for exciting innovations to simplify their lives. One such fascinating concept of science is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and for decades the extent of this technology has been under study. Over the past few years, this technology has greatly evolved and is also being used in various applications, like medical science, mobile application, navigation, robotics, and more.

AI scientists have also made a huge breakthrough in this field, especially in terms of “machine learning” using neural networking. This process almost mimics the process carried out by the real neurons in our body. The level of advancement used here is capable of allowing a machine to process information or think for itself on a very sophisticated level. They can also be programmed to make decisions on their own, like facial recognition, and more. Big data analysis is seeding this development in AI, and very soon AI will be integrated into our daily lives.

Today, much of this AI technology is still in its rudimentary stages, but in the near future we can expect AI to play a major role in our everyday lives. If you’re wondering how this is going to happen, here are few ways how AI might affect us in the future.

We have already started to witness the beginning of automation in almost all industrial sectors. Most technology and automation giants, like Google, Tesla motors, and many others are into developing self-driving electric vehicles and developing AI integrated smart cities.

Google started testing its self-driving during the 2012s and through years of research and development, they have now developed a few automated models that are just a step away from full automation.

Cyborg technology is something we might have only experienced in movies, which is likely to turn into reality in future. You can have robots walking around your house doing household chores, and helping you out in just about everything that needs extra pair of hands and feet.

Imagine having a school assignment where you can simply give out orders, like “ robot,” and it will give you a fair draft of your essay within minutes. Cyborg technology can also serve other practical purposes, like aiding amputees. This would allow amputees an opportunity to get about their chores as if their body is absolutely intact.

There are many hazardous jobs, like bomb diffusing, dealing with bioweapons, working under radiation or enormous heat or cold conditions, and more. An AI-infused robotic system can take care of all these dangerous jobs.

Apart from robots, drones are also under development and they can be remotely controlled by a human to carry out tough tasks that can save thousands of lives. Taking the help of these AI-integrated drones and robots will make the process easier and faster.

Most humans can be replaced by robots. Welding, which involves dealing with toxic substances, areas where there would be earsplitting noise, intense heat, and many other tough jobs can be outsourced to the robots. This will prevent human workers from harmful fumes and bodily harm. AI can also be integrated in most machines, and can be used for storing and retrieving huge amount of data. If you need specific data dating back centuries, the AI machine can give you the required data or statistics within minutes.

Almost all processes would be automated. Machines will start deciding what information is important, which ones to process or reject; nano robots and micro robots are already being employed in various fields like, medicine, defense, manufacturing industry, and more. These small machines might get their own share of AI automation and start working independently.

Imagine a small tiny robot going into your body and removing a block in your heart or dissolving the stones in your kidneys. It would be a great achievement in medical history and this will give way to many new treatments and diagnosis.

Although, we aren’t sure about when these technologies will be put to use, it’s quite evident that our society and its elements will greatly evolve in the future. We would find solutions to many unanswered questions that can help us lead an extremely enriching, futuristic life.

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