How Mobile Payments Are Transforming The Hospitality And Restaurant Industries

mobile payments

If there’s one thing that can be said about mobile payments, it’s that they’re very convenient. You don’t need to visit your bank for deposits anymore, you can sort out all your transactions straight from your phone.

And using mobile payments means that forgetting your wallet at home isn’t a problem anymore. Owing to its growing popularity and accessibility.

Two industries that benefit from this kind of software development are the hospitality industry and restaurants. And today I’ll be looking into how mobile payments have benefitted them.

Let’s Understand Proximity Payments

The main utility that both these industries benefit from is proximity payments. Which typically refers to payments made on-site using your mobile and the merchant’s POS reader. The custom software utilized here uses the mobile as a stand-in for a wallet, or card.

how mobile payments are transforming the hospitality and restaurant industries

Credit Cards But Without The Debt

Mobile payments take advantage of the same technology like smartcards. Both methods rely on radio waves dubbed NFC and require the use of POS terminals. The development of this technology comprises of these components:

  • Mobile compatible POS readers
  • Device pre-equipped with NFC data
  • Wifi access
  • An active e-wallet

With this infrastructure in place, your company can easily accept mobile payments while also allowing those channels to remain secure.

What Do Restaurants And Hospitality Have In Common?

Ultimately, both industries have a strong retail component that requires quick and convenient solutions. Guests are becoming increasingly tech-savvy.

Both industries have been able to identify that software development in this direction not only provides more ease for guests but also themselves.

Whether you make use of an existing solution or initiate your own mobile app development, its plain as day that there is a lot to gain.

Why Its Worth It

The benefits have huge value to any sort of company. But specific to restaurants and the hospitality industry they are as follows:

  • Cut down on the use of paper
  • Store money in a safer and secure way
  • Pay employees quicker
  • Accommodate more customers
  • Increased efficiency with money management leading to lower overall costs
  • Boost guest loyalty by investing in mobile app development here

how mobile payments are transforming the hospitality and restaurant industries1

Noteworthy Solutions

So many different software development firms have wanted to secure their share of the market with mobile payments.

If you prefer using an existing channel, these are platforms you should seek to accommodate:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Paypal
  • Venmo
  • CashApp
  • Xoom

These are generally the most secure and reliable solutions that exist. Not only that, but if your customer will attempt a mobile payment, they are most likely to use one of these apps listed above.

In case you are interested in the development of an in-house solution, QR Codes are considered the best way to go.


Mobile payments open up an exciting new world for both industries. As technological progress seems to go faster and faster, it’s important for every company to find a software development agency that can provide IT solutions that benefit both employees and customers view here.

With this kind of convenience at your fingertips, it goes without saying that you will successfully maintain a competitive edge against all industry rivals.

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