How Technology has Transformed Learning from Mundane to Fun

how technology make learning fun
When we enjoy doing something, we’re more likely to get something out of it. It’s just the way the world works. So, when learning doesn’t feel like learning, it can lead to much better success rates for everyone involved. If you’re wondering how exactly, you can do this, technology is the answer to your problems. To be specific, over the years, mobile learning and its features have transformed the way people learn.

That’s right, the best mobile learning management systems offer several tools that make learning, dare we say, fun. The most important feature that makes learning fun is gamification.


In a nutshell, gamification refers to the process of transforming a mundane task into an interactive game. When content is delivered as a game rather than written content, it can lower the mental barriers to absorbing new information. By doing so, the likelihood of learning is significantly improved. Using gamified learning can also help to motivate learners, contributing to improved engagement rates, ultimately leading to increased course completion.

How to use gamification

Now that we’ve introduced the concept of gamification, we ought to let you know how exactly you can utilise it to reach your educational goals. When gamification is used alongside microlearning or mobile learning, it can take an engaging approach to learning to a whole other level.

By using a mobile learning management system to transform content into games, it’s transformed into topical lessons that are enjoyable. For learners, it means that content becomes easily digestible and interactive, something that traditional approaches to learning cannot offer.

mobile learning are more fun
For educators, using a mobile learning management system that enabled gamification allows them to switch up and diversify how they deliver content. The best apps on offer will offer tools that enable users to quickly transform content into games by simply adding it to existing gamified templates. In this case, all you’d need to build out an interactive lesson is the questions and answers.

Enhancing gamification

Beyond using gamification for interactive learning, those that deliver the courses can also encourage learners further. As an educator, you can always reward your learners with prizing and real rewards to keep them engaged in their course. The best apps offer features that allow you to recognise course completion, frequency of use and overall performance and reward it.

Furthermore, public leader boards are also an option. This feature can be highly useful in a group training situation. If an entire team has access to the group’s progress, tracking their achievements and rewards, it can encourage some healthy competition, spurring on each team member to complete the course to the best of their ability.

what is gamification
While gamification is still a relatively new feature to be used in mobile learning, it doesn’t have to be complicated at all. For learners, simply choose an app that has this feature so that you can enjoy the gameplay as you learn. For educators, opt for a gamification tool that comes with existing templates and atomisation, this way, you’ll simply need to input the necessary information, and you’ll be good to go.

Long gone are the days when we’re forced to learn during set hours. Instead, we can now use smartphones and tablets to enjoy interactive learning as and when we please. Gamification takes mobile learning to the next level. If you’re not already using it, you most definitely should be.

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