How To Access USA Netflix From Other Countries?

Netflix is the world’s most highly rated video streaming service provider that is serving millions of people. As per the stats collected in the year 2018, Netflix was serving more than 118 million active subscribers in 190 countries worldwide. However, the number of restrictions for different residents keep on varying region by region. It clearly means that users watching from Australia and the US will not have access to the same content.

how to access usa netflix from other countries
These geographic restrictions make it difficult for users to watch their favorite shows and movies. This is the prime reason why people want to beat Netflix ban and watch anything online without any restrictions in different countries.

Why unblock Netflix in different countries?

Let us consider a case that you are a resident of Australia, but these summer holidays, you are planning to visit your Aunt in Spain. Now, while moving there, most probably you will not be able to access the same collection of shows as Netflix restricts your favorite shows to the Australian public only. It happens just because Netflix check your IP address and when it belongs to Spain IP range, you will be automatically connected to the local library of the same region. This may create an annoying condition, and now you may get curious about unblocking Netflix to gain access to your shows.

Well, there are so many methods to do it. Some of them are listed below. Keep reading the details; soon, you will be able to find ways to gain access to USA Netflix from different countries.

Using a VPN to gain access to USA Netflix

using vpn unblock usa netflix
VPN is the most trusted tool to get rid of Netflix region-based restrictions. Note that, VPNs are capable enough to hide the online activity of the users without restricting their Internet speed. Everything works in a secret manner with ultimate security. VPN developers are always careful to ensure that users can avail easy access to their favorite Netflix content from any country in the world.

Furthermore, VPN offers many other benefits, such as allowing users to browse anonymously. You will be happy to hear that top VPN services work through servers that are located in more than 60 different countries. Also, the cost of using a VPN is quite reasonable; you may need to spend $3 to $10 per month. Some people also prefer to use VPN browser extensions for Netflix access. They can be installed on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other popular browsers.

Steps to use VPN

  • Choose the most trustworthy VPN service to get started with easy content access. The most popular options in the market are NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and ibVPN.
  • It is time to choose the server of your desired country.
  • Move to the Netflix website.
  • Create a Netflix account by visiting the official website of the service provider or sign in with your old login\password and start enjoying your desired shows online.

Please mind that Netflix is fighting this method of using VPNs and it may be sometimes difficult to unblock Netflix with a VPN. Try ibVPN for unblocking Netflix US library.

Smart DNS to gain access to USA Netflix

In case, previous methods do not work you may need to move to the next one. Smart DNS technology may appear new to you, but it is providing ultimate results to the users who want to access loads of streaming content from any location of the world. The features of Smart DNS are almost the same as that of VPN with advanced yet easy connection options. The principle of operation is actually based on changing DNS server settings on your computer, router, or any other device that you are using to watch shows online. Now, all your DNS queries are routed through other regions.

using dns unblock usa netflix
People find this technique quite easier to use and configure. There is no need to activate anything, whenever users move to any blocked website, Smart DNS starts working automatically and provides instant access to all desired movies and shows. Also, it doesn’t create any disturbance over your general traffic. Note that, in case of Smart DNS, the traffic is not passed through any encrypted channel. Users can access all the content at full speed, but this technique makes it less useful for people who want to browse privately.

Using Proxy Servers to access USA Netflix

Another common choice for gaining easy access to all the content online is using proxy servers. Although it is not much secure method than VPN, it can be considered a good choice for all those who are eager to watch their favorite movies online. While working through proxy servers, users gain access to a new IP address, but it doesn’t use and encryption protocol. You can find both free and paid proxies. Generally, it is not recommended to use free proxies for Netflix unblocking because they make online activities quite slow. Also, free versions of proxies always come with loads of advertisements that may keep annoying you in between your favorite shows.

using proxy servcer unblock usa netflix
We must say that there are plenty of ways to watch Netflix overseas, but you have to be creative enough to choose the best method for your needs. The best recommendation from experts is using VPN service as it leads to a safe and virus free experience. No matter which country you are visiting during these summer holidays, if you want to stay connected to your favorite Netflix shows, it is right time to choose the most suitable VPN service and log in to your Netflix website. It will provide you easy access to all the latest movies and the interesting TV shows. You can enjoy great streaming worldwide, without any restriction.

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