How to choose a Git Repository Backup for your business?

How to choose a Git Repository Backup for your business?

The importance of data protection is stressed on any occasion and it seems that everyone now is fully aware of its importance. Nevertheless, we still hear of data loss because of a human error, in a malware attack, or because of a failure on a platform such as GitHub or Atlassian. These situations could have been avoided if only we invested in data protection and a backup plan. Modern Git backup plans allow you to get a backup in the cloud or on a device, and schedule it as you like or need. Read more to learn how to choose a GitHub Backup plan customed for your business.

1. Choose the destination of the Git repository backup

Do you know, where would you like to store your backup? Nowadays you have plenty of options. You can store the backup data locally on-premise (SMB network shares, local disc resources – NAS, SAN) or in the cloud. Whether you chose, you should be able to restore your copies to a new repository, crossover to another hosting platform, or on your local device. You just need to understand what your business needs the most and choose the most suitable software.

2. Decide on how frequently you need to back up your data

Backup can be run monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly – it depends on how much data you generate. Choose the schedule that fits your needs.

3. Choose a reliable vendor 

Avoid the risk and invest in a backup plan from a reliable vendor such as With its Git Repository Backup, your data will be protected right away. Choose data to be restored and the backup location and see the logs and statistics on an intuitive dashboard. GitProtect offers professional GitHub backup, Bitbucket, and GitLab backup for software houses, R&D departments, and businesses.

As you see there are a few things worth considering before investing in backup software. The most important thing though is to have a backup. Leaving your data unprotected is a high risk of losing it, which is usually a very stressful and time-consuming situation. Not to mention its financial costs! Instead of using DIY scripts, invest in a professional Git Backup.

About GitProtect

Backed up by Xopero‘s decade of experience, GitProtect is a platform you can rely on. It has served over 14K customers from 50 countries. Restore your Bitbucket and GitHub repositories and metadata. Choose a backup that is automatic, recurring, and set in a few minutes. GitProtect offers predefined Git Backup plans and custom-made plans so everyone will find a Bitbucket backup or GitHub backup that will meet their needs. Enjoy enterprise-class features from GitProtect such as advanced compression, long-term retention, and strong AES encryption. 

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