How to choose the best nitrogen generator

How to choose the best nitrogen generator

Nitrogen generation systems have multiple applications across several industries globally, from food packing, engineering, and aerospace, among many more. Businesses that require large volumes of nitrogen for various tasks such as storage, production, or transportation appliances need cost-effective solutions to acquiring sufficient nitrogen for their operations. That is the reason why purchasing a nitrogen generator is more reliable, since producing nitrogen on-site is far more economical than contracting a nitrogen generator company for a lease.

Before switching to nitrogen generation, it is advisable to consult a team of professionals who can give you the right advice for the right nitrogen generator. Consulting experts in the nitrogen generation industry helps you assess and determine your specific needs about the level of use and application.

What factors to consider in selecting a nitrogen generator

Nitrogen generators come in different sizes, shapes, and models, confusing a first-time buyer. If you are well informed when buying the equipment, you can choose the best and most suitable nitrogen generator for your current and future needs. Apart from the cost of nitrogen, there are other vital factors to guide you in making the best decision.

It is advisable to ensure that you are aware of the level of nitrogen used in your line of business to identify which type of nitrogen generator is best suited for you. If you are not sure of the actual amount used in your business, you could buy a too big generator for your requirements, which can end up being costly for no reason. If your nitrogen needs exceed those produced by the nitrogen generator, you are likely to experience problems with reduced production.

The purity of nitrogen being generated is vital when looking for a suitable nitrogen generator, especially for nitrogen used in food packing since it requires almost 0% oxygen. Suppose you are selecting membrane technology to help you maintain purity in the nitrogen generated. In that case, it is advisable to make the right decision between Pressure Swing Adsorption, which has a purity level of more than 99.5%, or Membrane Nitrogen generators which have a purity level that is lower than 99.5%.

Nitrogen generators usually come in different sizes and shapes, which calls for a thorough assessment of the space in your facility that will be best for the generator. Knowing the actual amount of space required helps you make the best decision on the type of system that fits within your limitation and ensuring that the intended needs are met.

Why nitrogen generators are important

Having an on-site nitrogen generator drastically reduces your long-term operational cost since you constantly contact suppliers to deliver when there is a sudden shortage. Therefore all the supply constraints are eliminated, and you can generate your nitrogen whenever you need it. It also enhances the efficiency of all your operations, making you increase production.

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