How to Enhance Wristband Security at Events

Event organisers want to run successful, safe, profitable events. In order to do this, wristbands need to be securely managed. When wristbands are used for entry into events, they need to be secure. Why? Because unauthorised access using insecure wristbands can create a dangerous environment when the safe capacity of the venue is exceeded. It is also unprofitable for organisers to sell entry only to have it duplicated unlawfully.

how to enhance wristband security at events 2
That’s why wristband security is crucial for events. Event wristband technology can be effectively used to deliver a safe and enjoyable event experience. Here are a few ways wristband security can be enhanced.

RFID Wristbands

RFID wristbands are the most high-tech way to protect security at an event. The RFID wristband incorporates RFID technology into a streamlined design. This type of technology allows for contactless entry into venues and also provides attendees with the ability to pay without cash at bars or shops inside the venue. This makes it easy for people to use and provides a high level of convenience which is greatly appreciated when attending events, particularly large events.

Organisers can also use RFID technology in wristbands for exciting marketing purposes, connecting social media accounts, for example, with wristbands. Event attendees can share experiences and comments in real time at special booths or using wireless technology without having to access their phones.

Wristband Locks

Wristband locks are simple, effective security devices. The lock is a clasp or a small toggle that fastens the event wristband to the participant’s wrist at the point of sale, preventing removal. This means that a wristband cannot be effectively taken from one person’s wrist and put on another in order to gain entry twice. Locks include tubes or plastic barrels, hinged clasps with metal or plastic pins, metal hoops, studs, and self-adhesive tabs.

UV Wristbands

how to enhance wristband security at events
The security feature on a UV (ultraviolet) wristband glows in the dark. The wristband or design glows when exposed to UV light, which is often found in nightclubs. The use of UV wristbands allows security staff to immediately see if a wristband is genuine, using a black light emitter which is waved over the wristband. Of course, this does not stop a person from removing a band, passing it to another person, and two people gaining access. But combined with a wristband lock it is a very effective security feature.

Hologram Wristbands

Printing a hologram onto your wristbands makes it much more difficult for the wristbands to be faked. This prevents loss of revenue and guards against over-capacity events.

Barcode Wristbands

Printing barcodes onto wristbands is a basic way of adding a level of security to the wristbands while providing access control. Barcodes can also be used to link children’s details with the details of their parents in case they get lost.

Whatever form of wristband security is chosen, secure entry and ease of access around a venue will inevitably create a better experience for attendees. This will increase the success of the event and bring benefits to organisers and customers.

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