How to Optimize Websites using Mobile

how to optimize websites using mobile
As Smartphone and tablet invasion increases – as do the number and extent of activities taking place on these mobile devices – having a mobile marketing plan in place for your business isn’t just a good idea.  It’s functionally a “must do” in this ever-evolving world of computing-on-the-go! Mobile SEO services are the hottest trend in the market.

What is Mobile Optimization?

If you are thinking mobile optimization is creating a website mobile-friendly, you are mistaken. A mobile-friendly website will contract its pages to be viewable on mobile devices, while mobile optimization is the process to offer visitants a seamless experience optimized for mobile devices. Mobile optimization analyzes content, site design, site structure, page speed, and more to assure that visitors can effortlessly achieve what they want to do on any mobile device.

How is Mobile SEO Different?

  • Mobile often uses various search behavior as not all mobile users examine with keywords
  • Mobile has a different level of engagement- mobile users are highly-focused, but they are less enthusiastic in scrolling down as compared to desktop users
  • Mobile looks at different character signals to rank a website
  • Mobile search uses a different ranking algorithm that often alters search results on a mobile phone due to location determinant.

Why can’t Mobile SEO be left unattended?

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More people, as earlier mentioned, are now using mobile phones than desktops to explore their queries. And the quantity of mobile phones is increasing exponentially. According to statistics, There are around 2.32 billion Smartphone users globally. And the number is anticipated to reach 2.87 billion till 2020. With such a large user base, you cannot neglect mobile SEO. Can you? Google itself has been striving hard to encourage web developers to develop mobile-friendly websites.

How to get mobile SEO right?

Optimizing Content for Mobile:

There is a famous saying about content launched first by Bill Gates Content is King! This is valid for mobile optimization as well.

  • Word Count: Keeping content within 700 and 1000 words is plenty for mobile devices.
  • Keywords and Related Phrases: Including keywords and similar phrases in content that supports just desktop SEO.
  • Structured Data to Mobile Site: As mobile devices have restricted screen space, search results with rich bits have the potential to stand out.
  • Common Mistakes of Mobile SEO
    • Treating Mobile as an Extension of Desktop
    • Not Properly Implementing the Mobile Sites.
    • Getting Mobile but Implementing the Desktop Strategies


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With the arrival of mobile-first indexing, mobile SEO had become something that businesses can’t afford to overlook. When optimizing a website for mobile, you must keep the users in the mind as mobile SEO is all about user experience. Optimizing content for mobile devices, taking care of technical mobile SEO (site speed, flash, AMP, technical errors), and optimizing a mobile site for remarkable user experience are surefire methods to optimize a site for mobile devices and increase conversions. Also, you should evade making common mobile SEO mistakes that can abolish mobile ranking and conversions.

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