How to Use CNC Technology in Machining Projects

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CNC machining project is the use of CNC Technology. Its full abbreviation is computer numerical control, used for designing metals, plastics, machined aluminum, graphite, ceramics, and other CNC machined parts.  This is an Industrial process that involves a computer program, microprocessor, and CAD or CAM software. The machine range from a simple homemade driller, that is used for drilling holes or can be a sophisticated unit with tables and another set of tools.

How a CNC Machine Operates

The machines can run either with no supervision or with little observation. When the machine is programmed, operates unmanned. The machines self-change gears in a predetermined sequence, reposition machinery to another side to complete work.

It’s easy to learn and set up a CNC machine, all that is required is to input the relevant instructions into the computer program. It’s also stress-free to recall setting from a previous assignment hence saving time that would otherwise be used to check the manual for the changeover.

The CNC machine is exact, consistent, and nearly error-free. These are due to the fact of the device running on a computer specification program. This makes the CNC technique preferable even on complicated machining projects since the task is accomplished regardless of the design and amount of repetition.

A classic CNC machine used in CNC machining projects has dual tables and a programmed pallet changer. This saves time since one table can be used for machining one item while another task can be loaded on the other table.

CNC machine runs on a programming language called G-code. This is the dialect that instructs the machine on how to operate, and the codes may differ according to the type, model or make of a machine. Although, every machine has an instructional manual showing each function of the G-code.

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Application of CNC in various Machining Projects

It’s only right to say; that CNC technology has come a long way. Almost all industries use CNC knowledge. This has made inventors, designers, developers, and manufacturers only use three letters, “CNC” to actualize their ideas.

Here are some sectors where CNC machining projects are found and applied:

Metal Removing Industries

In this sector, metal is removed from raw material in a specific design. This can be either in the automotive industry where gears, shafts are modeled or in the manufacturing sector where countless object of diverse shapes is produced.

The concept of metal removing is used in metal Lathe projects, machined aluminum, and in almost all CNC machining projects like CNC mills, boring machines, drilling machines, shaping machines, reamer, etc.

Fabrication Industries

In this sector, CNC machine is used for multiple operations like shearing, plasma cutting, laser cutting, forming, punching, welding, and other many ways.

The thin steel plates that are used in these industries are cut to their final shape by a laser or plasma cutter. A turret punch presser makes the holes on the plate, and for bending, you use CNC press brakes.

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

The machining techniques are also known as spark machining, die sinking, spark eroding, wire burning, die sinking, or wire erosion. This is a manufacturing procedure where the desired figure is attained using electrical sparks (discharge) that burn the metal. The two kinds of EDM are Vertical EDM and Wire EDM. The vertical brand uses an electrode of similar shape and size as the cavity that is required. The Wire EDM is for making punch and dies combinations for the die set that is used in fabrication industries.

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Other Industrial Machining Projects That Apply CNC machines

  • Wood Work Industries – As part of their standard process of wood manufacturing, CNC machines are used to do tasks as routing (Milling operations), grinding, and drilling.
  • Other uses of the technology are lettering and engraving tasks. They are also used in the electrical industry as CNC coil winder, CNC terminal location, and bonding machines.

Benefits of Working with A CNC in Machining Projects

Below are some of the reasons why CNC technology is the best in the market.

  • Machines work 24hrs: Unlike human beings, CNC machines run throughout and only stop when they need maintenance or repair.
  • Preciseness and accuracy: at Wayken Rapid Manufacturing, we use CAD (Computer-Aided Design) to make a 3D design into a finished prototype.
  • Safety Precautions: The complete process of fabrication is automatic thus creating close to no contact with humans. This makes the environment safe and no need for an operator.
  • Decreased operations and production costs: A CNC machine can work for a period without the need for repairs and fixing broken CNC parts. The machine is well oiled for the minimal break down hence the manufacturing tends to below.
  • High Flexibility: The machines are run using G-code, a programming language. Therefore, this guarantees a high level of flexibility, since changing the programmed code is much easier.

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The manufacturing sector has significantly benefited from CNC technology. It has reduced the rejection rate, increased productivity, and created a conducive work environment. The other aspect is the potential return you get when you use CNC machines and services for machining projects. Since it gives you the edge regarding new designs and features that meet the market demand.

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