Need Photo Edit with Your Phone? Consider the 8 Below

online photo edit with mobile phone
There are several easy simple fixes you can apply to your photo after taking with your phone. But there are apps and tools that can help you edit photos to create the perfect pictures.

You can for instance edit photos with in easy and simple ways. Together with this, the following 8 ideas will enhance your pictures to a neat job.

Group Photos in layer

This is one of the most common tricks to use in an image editor app. Most people use Photoshop on their computers, but you don’t have to wait until you get your computer. You can simply apply Photoshop Mix for Android and iOS.

Simply get into the app and tap the plus icon, then the image to add a new layer to your project. Drug and other images and tap ‘cut out’. Use this trick to retouch refine the photos to increase the blend.

Cut out objects

Removing objects from your photos and blending in the background behind is another great trick. You can use TouchRetouch tools for android and iOS. The procedure is as simple as; Object removal (on the loaded image)-Brush tool-settings- zoom to the pixels you want- Go. The app uses surrounding areas in the background to make the process seamless.

Adjust focus on the background

Technology in the phone industry has improved greatly. Today, the best ones can adjust the depth of field even after the photo is already taken. There are many other edits you can do on your phone when adjusting the background.

If you are using iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, simply tap on the photo in portrait mode the select “edit”. Then use the slide at the bottom of the screen to change the focus.

Get rid of color casts

Wrong color casts are normal issues when snapping photo on the go. You may get images with an unnatural sheen on the face or the whole body because of poor lighting.

photo color cast
Removing such color issues is another trick you can play on your photos using your phone. For those using iOS, simply get the photo up on the screen the tap “edit”. Go to the adjust button and click, the tap the color. From the options that come up, select cast. When you start sliding your finger left or right, you will be making your image cooler.

Use the same trick for Google Photos. Simply touch the edit button on the photo and follow the procedure.

Brighten up shadow

Shadows can make your photos appear really bad. And it is not easy to get rid of them when taking the photos because of lighting issues. You can brighten the darkest parts of your photo without washing out the photo using Snapseed for Android or iOS.

Simply open the photo on the screen, tap the tool tab then choose tune image. You will see the unusual brightness and contrast options listed alongside the highlights and shadows. Pick one of the options and adjust your image using the slider.

Use smoothening tools to remove imperfections and blemishes

Blemishes and imperfections are always on your photos. There are a range of tools you can use on your Android and iOS phone like the Pixlr, which is easy to use.

Find an image on the app, tap the toolbox icon, then choose heal brush. Choose spot to remove the imperfection. The slider at the bottom of the screen should help you make the photo clean. To make it better, use the Shade and Shine tools. Using these tools, you will get every blemish off your screen.

Image distortion

Some of your images may need distortion fixing due lens issues. A tool like the SKRWT for android and iOS is an app you can use. With very little effort, you can get the best results in editing your photos.

photo distortion
The first step is loading the image from your library. There are many tools along the bottom of the app you can choose and start sliding along the ruler.

This fixer for lens distortion is among the most advanced tools in the image editing. If you have been taking photos with lens adapter, this tool can come in handy for you.

Pixelate parts

You can also protect the privacy of your image. Technology in photography has come a long way and now you can pixelate part of your image if for example you don’t want some parts appearing on your social media. There are many apps you can use swiftly to achieve this functionality.

Start by loading the picture into the app you have selected. Tap Brush, and set the size and how strong the effect should be.


Smartphones have become very effective in sharing photos and videos on social media and website. Many picture-perfecting adjustments exist on your phone, some which you might not even know. With the ideas and tools shared above, your images will never be the same again.

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