Insights for HR Specialists in 2020: A Guide

insights for hr specialists in 2020
The world of HR has always been one in which the mind of the individual is as important as their labor and their skills. There’s a simple reason for this: if you don’t take care of the mental wellbeing of the worker, their work will suffer and they’ll be unable to provide the labor that you’re hiring them for. In the digital age, and as we head swiftly into the year 2020, it’s time to consider how much the state of play is changing in the world of HR, and how the most up-to-date specialists and practitioners are helping us take a new look at HR departments across the world to build a more inclusive, motivated and exciting future.

The New Landscape is Technological

The new landscape of emergent technologies – such as the internet, cloud computing, AI and Big Data – provide huge advancements for businesses across the world. As with the rise of the internet, such technological change can be destructive for some businesses, whereas many other businesses are able to harness such advancements to find new ways to provide goods and services. The key is finding ways that tech can work alongside people.

Within the field of HR, companies like Inpulse combine technological advancements with the age-old field of HR, generating data and providing businesses with the ability to gain insights into the state of their workers. Technological advancements can indeed be transformative if they are met with openness and adaptation on your behalf – and, above all, the combined efficiently with the all-important human touch.

new landscape is technological

Feelings Matter

Observing the recent trends within business suggests clearly that the future will provide the space for emergent technologies to enhance business across the board. This will include much automation and mass redundancies – and opportunities for future-skilled jobs as a result. The human element will never cease to be important for business, and that’s especially true for the HR world. Feelings are an aspect often overlooked in business strategies, but human resources are all about not only rational decisions. It’s also about the emotional motivations behind employees and their actions and how professionals in the HR space can draw insights from the access to their employees’ hearts, as well as their minds.

Communication is Important

In the digital age, communication is slowly becoming less face-to-face and more online. The world of business is still all about knowledge, which is not possible without savvy and swift communication. Having the ability to communicate does not only involve information, but also feelings, principles and standpoints. Communication should therefore be foregrounded in any HR department as something that should remain human-centric, even though short phone calls and dashed-off emails can sometimes feel a little easier in the shorter-term.

communication is important

Prepare for Instability

As the speed of change rises exponentially, multiple aspects of business need to pick up on the trends that promise to dominate the future of business. Being prepared for instability and keeping the unexpected within your own calculations may help your whole company adapt to changing workplace roles and responsibilities, as certain human jobs inevitably face redundancy.

Recent advancements in economics and technologies provide HR with a good deal of challenges in the modern era – challenges these insights will help you face.

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