Internet Calling vs Calling Applications

internet calling vs calling applicationsWith the whole global connection revolution and the constant advances when it comes to making use of internet calling versus your traditional calling methods and or calling applications, one has to wonder what would happen if one of these options decided to vanish, would we be able to survive both of these options.

This, of course, is an important question to ask and an even more important question to make sure is answered correctly or it could have a negative effect on a lot of people.

What do I mean?

Well, to be honest this is a question which we can only really answer in a hypothetical situations and with the world one verge of a nuclear war between both the USA and North Korea I can’t but think that we will have to start preparing for peace talks to stop working as both the leaders of these two states are currently far too ego driven to be the better person.

So, hypothetical speaking if one of these countries had to lunch a nuclear missile, their first target would be mobile and digital connections, meaning that they would try and destroy all forms of communications.

What would this mean for the general public?

Well, this could have negative effects all around, for one trying to access the internet would be next to impossible and for those of us who only make use of internet calling apps like WhatsApp and Skype without being able to connect to the internet would mean that we would not be able to contact emergency services or if our family members in other countries to let them know that we are safe.

If we only make use of traditional calling services, unless it is making use of a sat phone there is pretty much no chance that we would be able to contact emergency services or would we be able to make international phone calls, as the network of infrastructure would have been destroyed.

Back to reality

In the hypothetical situation it doesn’t matter what network or type of calling service you choose to use as if there where cases of nuclear bombs dropping or even a more realistic situation a hurricane and other natural disasters wreaking havoc and destroying the mobile network infrastructure it will not matter what preferred choice of calling apps we make use of as we won’t be able to do much without signal or an internet connection.

However, that being said if you make use of a prepaid sim card made by a company like NobelCom and you use as dual sim feature, meaning that when you don’t need to make use of international phone calls or even use your mobile’s roaming features you can keep it turned off, however, if you need to make use of data roaming and or make an international phone call than you can just turn the sim on.

The reason why making use of a dual card system may just save your life in an emergency situations is thanks to the simple fact that a prepaid sim which has its own rates when it makes use of roaming features will be able to connect to other service providers networks and in some cases even connect to the networks which top-end satellite phones connect to, meaning that no matter where you are in the world as long as your mobile device has a connection to a network you can phone anybody.

Lastly, there is no need to switch from internet calling apps and stay on traditional calling features as both of them are able to work together pretty well, so you can make use of the best of both worlds.

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