Introducing Cue, The First-ever Device to Track Your Hormones from Wherever You Are

introducing cue hormones tracker device
For all the health-conscious people out there who always remain concerned about what’s going on within their body, there’s good news! Here comes Cue, the first affordable, user-friendly mini lab which lets you test your 5 vital molecules in your body, thereby creating a revolution in the field of personal health trackers. Cue will be able to indicate influenza, fertility, inflammation, testosterone and vitamin D levels. Most of us are aware that the healthcare system is one of those challenging ways of accessing deep details about our bodies with long waiting times, long lines and unanticipated costs.

The founder of this high tech gadget believed that this tech gadget will bring about a major overhaul in the way people interact with the current healthcare system by giving access to on-demand information.

A little bit on Cue

cue mobile monitor
Cue is apparently very user-friendly and it is a cubical device which looks neat, is 3-4 inches tall and has got a definite slot for cartridges. This gadget has 5 different cartridges which the user can buy for the 5 separate molecules which are tested through this gadget. Once you insert the cartridge into the device, the user utilizes the sample wand to take it to the inside of their nose to bring out a fluid of the nose sample, wipe a pad in the inside of their mouth or even prick their arm for a little bit of blood sample and again insert the wand back to the cartridge. Cue is fast enough and it takes few minutes to perform this test through an advanced system. Then it converts the biological sample to digital information which is sent via the phone app.

Greenberg Health, an HGH treatment provider emphasises on the importance of checking the hormonal balance from time to time so that any malfunction can be spotted on time and treated. Amidst our busy lives when we don’t find enough time to visit clinics for blood tests, Cue is indeed a blessing. It can perform 5 different tests and its makers resolve to give us even more in the near future.

The first is C Reactive Protein which is produced within the body in accordance with the stimulus like chronic illness; injury and majority of the experts believe that this is the biggest marker of inflammation. Inflammation has an influence on how soon the injuries heal and also the present condition of the cardiovascular system.

The second marker is Vitamin D which is a hormone produced by the body when it is in contact with sunlight. The third test is for Influenza A and doctors say that early detection can help the patient recover sooner. The fourth test is free testosterone, a hormone responsible for building strength and muscle mass, improving sex drive and production of red blood cells. The last marker is LH or Luteinizing Hormone which controls fertility and when a woman tracks it, she can indicate the peak time of fertility with enough accuracy.

cue for everyday life
Don’t you feel intrigued by this tech addition to the health care industry? Well, if yes, the retail price is $300 and a 5-pack of non-reusable cartridge will cost you around $20. Although Cue isn’t still approved by the FDA, it has started being sold under ‘Investigational Device Exemption’ where a few users will offer their critical feedback.

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