Mobile App Development Trends to Watch

mobile app development trend technologyTechnology is everywhere and everyone is using mobile devices nowadays for variety of reasons. We use mobiles for communication, clocks, to do lists, reminders, messaging, reading news as well as for searching the desired stuff on internet. In simple words, use and development of mobile apps continues to expand and grow gradually. Along with the largest market perception and flexibility, increasing use of mobile devices is an indicator that mobile users are the best to be targeted by businesses and companies by developing clean and problem solving mobile apps. If you are also looking to build an app for your small business or company, have a glance at below listed mobile app development trends to watch not only in this year but beyond as well. By taking these app development trends in consideration, you can make your app faster, sleeker and competent than the apps built in last year.

Cloud-Based Apps

People love to use apps that have lower or no impact on the devices’ memory. I mean to say cloud-based apps. In fact, businesses and companies are also interested in building such apps because they would mostly lessen the data security issues that people may face by using on promise app. As these apps are built with a feature of confidential and private data locked down on the cloud, chances of data useful breach or lost will be imaginary. In this way, users can also get all their data back easily once the app installed again on a new device.

Wearable Apps

Wearable apps are one of the latest app development trends to watch nowadays. Just have a look on smart watches and Google Glasses. Such wearable devices have created an altogether new technology market. There is nothing wrong to say that people in these days prefer wearable devices to be synchronized with their mobile devices for simple and easier access to data, and developing an app that can also run on such devices can help you get more downloads and new users effortlessly.

AI (Artificial intelligence)

Use of artificial intelligence in mobile app development can make your apps not only appealing but convenient as well. As AI can suggest users better options and features to personalize the user experience, it can help you increase user engagement for your app and more downloads as well in results. Undoubtedly, we will definitely be seeing more applications doing great things for the users just because of the AI. Swiftkey AI can help you understand that power of AI in mobile app space as it is one of the best typing apps all around the world.

Mobile Payments

Mobile payment has made the process of international payments easier than ever and using this feature in your mobile apps can take your business to the next level by eliminating the payment related issues when it comes to make or receive global payments. Android pay, Apple pay and Google Wallet are the live samples of mobile payments and people love them.


Since chatbots are using artificial intelligence to help you communicate with users even without having customers services representatives as you can see third party bots in Facebook Messenger how incredibly they are entertaining the users.

Chatbot in an app can help people buy appropriate stuff online, organize their schedules and can book tickets on their behalf once travelling scheduled or planned. It is one of the latest mobile app development trends to make the life easier than ever.

Instant Apps

In 2016, ‘instant apps’ an amazing feature in android apps was launched by the Google to enable its users use all the android apps without downloading and installing. An instant app can easily be used on play store and the user can then download and install once found amazing to use. Viki, Buzzfeed and Periscope were the companies to take this initiative and soon the more companies will be using this feature in their apps to get most from their app development strategies.


Most of people think that blockchain is nothing but just a technology behind crypto. But, fact is that it is an incorruptible digital ledger of monetary transactions and it can also be programmed in app development to record not only financial transactions but almost everything of value that matters to an app user. So, it could be more and more dominant not in day to day life but in business settings as well. Investment and money management apps are more likely to use this technology now and beyond.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Basically internet of things is the network of physical objects, digital devices and equipment connected with each other that may or may not use human or computer interface to deliver data. In this way, data can easily be collected and exchanged without human interaction for variety of purposes and use if the IoT in app development can play a vital role not in making the business processes efficient but to deal with day to day tasks more efficiently.

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