Mobirise – Easy Website Builder You Need in 2019

mobirise easy website builder you need in 2019
Technology has made plenty of things automatic in this era. Tech industries are launching smarter products every single day. There are some products and then there are some smart software which are making everything easy for those who don’t know how technology works. Considering how every business is in need of an official website or a social media page, there are many websites which can help you build websites for your own business. These websites are known as website builders.

There are latest web design trends, bootstrap, and AMP themed pages which help you choose the perfect layout for your own website. Website builders understand the need that people want to make an attractive, professional looking, multi-featured, functional, and user-friendly website. Given all these requirements, Mobirise Web Builder offers websites with so many themes and layouts for every field that it doesn’t require you any hardcore coding and stuff. In the past, it may have been difficult for people to create websites because it required coding and the only person who can make a website has to be tech savvy but no more. Built your business websites through Mobirise website builder and achieve the expected results in just days. Check out further details of Mobirise Easy Website Builder.

What is Mobirise?

Mobirise is a free offline app that is specifically made for Windows and Mac to easily create small/medium websites, landing pages, portfolios. There are more than 1500 beautiful website layouts, templates, blocks, and themes to help you to start easily without any hardcore coding. The purpose of making this Mobirise Easy Website Builder app is to make a way for those who consider themselves mon-techies and aren’t into any coding stuff or web development.

People these days are very smart especially the new generation and they would love to try a version which is compatible with their phones and tablets. It can be your go-to website builder because of easiness. You can build a website on your phone using the latest web design trends, Bootstrap, and AMP Pages technology.

Another great thing about Mobirise website building app is that it is free for commercial and non-commercial usage. The software of this website is specially designed for newbies so they can learn how to build a website for their own business or services uniquely. Anyone who wants to build a new and better website, they can select so many things like layout, blocks, colors and many things like that to put in their own website and be done with it in few minutes.

Website Templates

There are more than 1500 HTML templates in a Mobirise website builder. A person can use anyone of that depending or his or her likeness. They have added all the latest stuff that is competitive in the market. You can use a customized option for every single thing.

mobirise easy website builder you need
Everybody is obsessed with their phones these days and phones are a great way to advertise your website content, which is why Mobirise website builder allows you to make websites that are compatible with smartphone screens and software. It works on smartphones automagically because they believe the apps and websites should be user-friendly. Whatever the screen size is, it will be compatible with the screen and adjust itself. The whole process of building a website through Mobirise website builder will be quick and easy for any user.


There are a lot of features in Mobirise Easy Website Builder that makes it reliable and a quicker choice for so many users. The AMP feature in websites allows everyone to have a better experience of everything. It allows the website to be compatible with mobile phones. It allows better performance and speed to the website. This way the users are satisfied along with makers of the website. With search engine optimization (SEO), there has been a better marketing experience for many companies. Just like that AMP feature allows your experience more engaging and accurate by offering ads to the right target market in the right place. Also, with AMP features you get to make every website in a customized way by using extension kits offered by Mobirise. You can use different layouts, scrolling option, drag and drop, animations, images, and many more features through flexibility provided by AMP. While AMP covers the quality side, Bootstrap covers the website on all tech forums. HTML, CSS, and JS are covered by Bootstrap.

mobirise easy website builder you need 2

How to build a simple website

Here, we have some tips on how to build a simple website via Mobirise Website builder. Have a look:

  1. Add theme: For any website, you need a theme. It could be related to your business field or anything that you like. Pick or make your own theme for your website.
  2. Drag and drop block: Use blocks as per you like. You can use different colors and sizes too. Just drag and then drop them on your website wherever you want them to be.  You could try a few styles of the block as well.
  3. Publish your website: Once you are done with designing and content, it’s time to preview your website if it is all right. Once you have done finishing touches publish it.

There are many live demos on Mobirise website builder that can help you sort out all the issues while you are making a new website. A newbie must go through with the live demos for better understanding.

Mobirise benefits

There are some key differences between Mobirise and traditional website builders which are

  1. The Minimalistic approach is used to offer people a customized option.
  2. Mobile-friendly websites with engaging content.
  3. Free for commercial and non-profit use
  4. Unique sites
  5. Easy and simple.


Plenty of people have shared their experience on their website which makes it better and better every day. It is effective and free to use. AMP and Bootstrap make it even better for all of the users.

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