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Today’s world is the golden age of cannabis. We have so many choices that it’s challenging to choose the product from the cannabis family. It is now available in any shape from gummies to tinctures. The list ends up in the cream.

In this article, we will devote our attention to shatter, cannabis, and hash oil and how we can make cannabis oil.


If you want to get high, then shatter wildflower is there for you. Marijuana smokers are shifting to shatter weeds, as it contains about 90% of cannabinoid content. These days, cannabis is reaching extraordinary levels of strength, with concentrations of THC regularly higher than 20%. But, for weed fanatics and experienced smokers who want to be bold, this won’t do the job, You can find and buy cheap shatter online in Canada since it is legal if you live there.

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is a kind of marijuana concentrate, which has pure THC. We can consume significantly larger doses of terpenes for sale THC by cannabis oil than is possible by vaporizing and smoking. Cannabis oil is gaining popularity because of its effectiveness in stopping and destroying (few cases) of cancer cells. CBD oil UK is now available in different shops online.

Turning of Shatter to Oil

There are numerous methods for extraction of turning shatter to oil, and all of them are very much developed. Every method has its pros and cons; we will discuss them in detail here. But the origin of all the extracts is the same, i.e., CBD rich plant raw material.

Some techniques are safer and more successful than others. Cannabis oil is produced with neurotoxic thinners like butane and hexane may leave dangerous remains that compromise immune function and hinder healing.

turn shatter to oil

1. CO2 extraction

This approach utilizes dioxide (CO2) as a solvent. The elevated pressure and low temperature convert CO2 to supercritical conditions. This critical situation then allows the withdrawal of the products from the plants. This technique produces many pure products that are free of chlorophyll than other methods. However, the equipment for this process is quite expensive. This system is also efficient in extracting THC, terpenes from each other.

2. Ethanol

Alcohol, mostly ethanol, is best for producing good-quality shatter and cannabis oil. In this procedure, the cannabis plant is dripped in ethanol which strips the trichomes from the plant. The liquid is then filtered out. After that, we heat the solution for evaporating the alcohol, and in the end, we get out shatter or oil of the desired constituents. The disadvantage of this process is that it devastates the plant waxes. Hence we cannot get other medical benefits from the plant. The shatter or oil is highly suitable for vape pen carts.

3. Olive oil

Olive oil also finds its applications in the removal of shatter and cannabis oil. This method is reasonable and reliable, and most of the research on this method is taking place at the Phytochemical research center Bedrocan. However, the byproduct is fresh, and it is advised to store it in a cold place. This method is safe as the oil doesn’t inflame as does the solvents.

4. Hydrocarbon Extraction

This procedure is predominantly used for the manufacture of shatter. The most common hydrocarbons which are used in this method are butane, hexane, and propane.  Liquid butane is heated in a sealed environment once BHO is created. This heating evaporates the butane, and we get the shatter with the desired composition. This method results in a very pure product with a unique smell. The one disadvantage of this method is that hydrocarbons are flammable compounds that may cause the neurotoxic effect on the user.

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Prons of Shatter and CBD Oil

Scientists and chemists in multiple dimensions extensively study these byproducts. Some of the advantages which the researchers describe in their research are as follows:

    • Pain Relief – Marijuana is best seen as a pain reliever. Same does the CBD oil and shatters do; they reduce the painful sensations. They help in reducing the chronic pains, arthritis illness, and sclerosis as well.
    • Fighting Anxiety – Pathological mental illness is the most common disorder in the USA. The medicines or their curing cause psychological and psychiatric disorders. Therefore, scientists search for alternative treatment methods to cure these symptoms. CBD is highly effective in fighting against anxiety, specifically social anxiety. Both these cannabidiol drugs are highly effective in eliminating the anxiety symptoms from the patients.

cbd help with depression

  • Reducing Depression – They are promising compounds for patients suffering from depression. They have antidepressant action as they impact the brain’s neurotransmitter hence helps in regulating the behavior of the person. They are efficient for children suffering from insomnia and stress.
  • Treating Epilepsy – Epidiolex, an FDA approved CBD drug is beneficial for treating children who have epilepsy. This product helps in the treatment of two irregular forms of epilepsy: – Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Both these syndromes are very resistant to traditional drug treatment.


Both the shatter and cannabis oil are high potent BHO. Various production methods produce them, the choice of which depends upon the purity requirement of the end product. Although they have some harmful effects, they are highly effective in treating many fatal diseases.

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