What is Cloud Computing? How Businesses Benefit from it

what is cloud computing
By now you’ve probably heard all about the cloud and how businesses are increasingly making the move to it. You may not understand exactly what this means and if you don’t, there is no need to worry – it has become apparent that many business owners and decision makers don’t know what cloud computing means, what it is, and how it can benefit their business.

What is the cloud?

Simply put, the cloud is a technology that allows users to store and access data or software over the internet instead of from a hard drive or onsite server. Apps like Salesforce, the Google Suite (Google Drive, Docs etc.), and Hubspot are all examples of the cloud in action.

Because it is scalable, flexible and relatively inexpensive, it offers a range of benefits to companies. Therefore, it is no surprise that adoption of public cloud services such as Amazon WebServices has reached almost 92% in 2018, and that worldwide revenue for cloud services is predicted to reach £173 billion by 2021.

The cloud also helps protect against disaster as due to networked backups, hardware failures will no longer result in data loss – simply spin up the latest backup and your company is back in business regardless of whatever emergency or disaster has occurred. It’s various security features including encryption and API keys means that 38% of CIO’s and IT Directors see migrating fully to cloud services as their top priority.

To understand more about the benefits, it can bring to your business, check out the video created by Telehouse below.

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