Your Antivirus Software is Spying on You!

your antivirus software is spying on you
While reliable antivirus software takes on a critical role in IT security, malware has continued to be even more sophisticated and even prolific. There are over three hundred and fifty thousand malware samples launched every day.

With this, both business owners and home users are required to have protection in a strategic place to avoid all these recent computerized threats.

Note that, antivirus products are not immune to privacy issues. Although antivirus organizations are practically on the good side, it is worthy to mention that some of the antivirus products act in a way that infringes on the privacy of users.

It does not matter if they manage to intercept internet traffic, enable backdoor accessibility to government entities, trade browser history data, etc.there are lots of antivirus products that are profoundly guilty of jeopardizing our data.

Ways Antivirus Software Interferes With Users Privacy

Some of the ways Antivirus organizations interfere with the privacy of users include;

Trading data to third-party advertisers

data transter securityTo give users the protection they require to keep their system safe, the antivirus software will have to know a lot about users. It practically keeps an eye on all the programs users open and makes sure no one is mistakenly operating malicious software.

The antivirus tracks users’ web traffic to prevent users from accessing suspicious websites that may possibly steal their login credentials. All these imply that the antivirus software can collect and process a considerable lot of our personal information.

Some antivirus providers are conscientious with the data of users, and some are borderline less scrupulous. For example; AVG went under the heat when it made known its changes to their privacy policy.

This change would allow them to trade the browser and search history data of users to third parties.  That was to be carried out to monetize their free antivirus software. Even Avast free transfers users identifiable data like age, gender, and other applications you install to third party advertisers.

Decrypting encrypted online traffic

online security traffic contentMajority of the modern antivirus products consists of browser safety that prevents users from easily accessing known malware-hosting sites and phishing.

While carrying this out is easier said than done actually, lots of data are transferred through HTTPS; Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

Meanwhile, though the swift acceptance of HTTPS has aided in making the internet a safe place, it has also brought about a fascinating issue for antivirus companies.

Because the connection is coded, there is no way for antivirus software to be aware that a website you’re trying to visit is safe or probably malicious. It practically increases phishing attacks and third-party exploits.

Setting up potentially unwanted programs

virus malware unwanted programAlthough the antivirus may not pose a threat that is directed at your privacy, it may possibly come attached with software that practically does. As its name implies, PUPs; potentially unwanted programs are applications that no one wants.

They are not malicious, technically, but they negatively influence the user experience. It could be by hogging system resources or displaying ads and even switching the user’s default search engine.

They are dangerous for user’s privacy as well as system resources. Lots of free antiviruses come with this PUP like adware, plugins, and browser toolbars. They are annoying to say the least and not safe in general.

Bottom Line

your antivirus software is spying on you 2
The top-rated antivirus is a vital aspect of modern IT security and acts out a crucial role in securing our data against phishing, malware and a whole lot of computerized attacks that act as real threats to daily users.

Though some of the antivirus providers are highly invasive and need to be avoided, some others try their best to secure the privacy of users.

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