The Future of Windows: What Is Windows 11 and Is It Beneficial for Your Business?

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Windows 11 has recently been released, and the whole world is now transitioning to this operating system. It’s been known for its efficiency and neat desktop, but are those the only things it has on offer? Additionally, how does Windows 11 function in an office setting? Is it beneficial for your business?

What is Windows 11?

Not many people expected a new Windows to be released this year, yet we are blessed by the release of Windows 11 last June. Of course, many are still skeptical of the new operating system, but we will look into this OS and see what it can do for you and your business.

Windows 10 Was Never Meant to Be the Last

There were rumors way back in 2018 that Windows 10 was supposed to be the last Windows. But the Chief Product Officer (CPO) of Windows, Panos Panay, explained that there would never be a last version of Windows because the OS is an ever-evolving product. In other words, as long as Microsoft finds new ways to improve on its OS, it will keep releasing new versions of it whenever it can, but what exactly makes Windows 11 different?

Windows 11 vs. Windows 10

The Centralized Taskbar

The very first thing you’ll see when you run Windows 11 is the centralized taskbar. This is a bold move from Microsoft as they try to make their interface look neater, a style that is very much like Apple. It also looks like it can fit into a smartphone if given a chance.

The centralized taskbar makes it easier for people to access both important and non-important apps because they are laid out. The taskbar itself is also customizable like its predecessor. However, what makes it different is its robust start button that now features pinned apps and recommended apps. This function will help you jump right into a previous application you might have forgotten a few days ago.

Sporting Android Apps

Another welcoming addition is that the Windows Store now offers android apps for installation. As we all know, the Windows Store in Windows 10 is pretty bare bones. Microsoft doesn’t make many apps, and when they do, there’s already a variation available on Android. This is why Microsoft integrated its new OS with Android apps, to give people more choice and versatility when it comes to their apps.

Better Multitasking

Lastly, what makes Windows 11 such a good operating system is because you can multitask better. Windows 11 has a new feature known as Snap Desktop, which makes you seamlessly view multiple running programs at once. We had this in the previous version, but the improvements on Windows 11 make it a lot faster with its new templates. Now you can have multiple Microsoft programs running efficiently all at once.

Is Windows 11 Good for Your Office?

Take the free upgrade to Windows 11 if you haven’t yet. The added benefits we’ve mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg, and there is still so much left to discover. But because of those improvements alone, many experts believe that it’s worth getting it. In addition, the versatility and efficiency of the Windows 11 OS seem unmatchable compared to the different OS we have today.

Ultimately, this efficiency can only mean a better workplace for your company. However, you’re going to need to make a couple of improvements if you want Windows 11 to run orderly in your office.

Maximizing Windows 11 in Your Office

Windows 11 is fast and efficient when compared to other modern operating systems out there. But if you want to maximize your business efficiency, you should start updating your computers. A good gaming PC can be a good alternative to mundane office computers. It’s great for all programs and can double the efficiency of your employees by reducing the downtime of laggy computers. Adding Windows 11 into these computers will make them the perfect office desktops out there capable of running all sorts of modern programs seamlessly. With the addition of team chat and the new multitasking capabilities of Windows 11, your office will run like a well-oiled machine.

If you’re on a budget, upgrading the random access memory of your computers or maybe its individual processors can already be a good step in the right direction. However, it’s important to remember that Windows 11 can be a demanding operating system, the same as its predecessor, so you’re going to upgrade your office desktops one way or the other.

The new Windows 11 seems like the best OS for every office in the world out there. Its new taskbar design and multitasking enhancement make it an amazing choice for any company looking to increase its workplace productivity. To get the free upgrade now and make your office more efficient with the brand-new Windows 11.

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