Dezzain Studio October Task

The Home Skin had been changed from the new portal version to the old skin with little modification since the site had been upgrade to latest wordpress dexter and the new skin had some core problems with cat_query.

Well let’s round up what will be a task for me this month:

Completed All Delayed Work And Coding At Hand

yeap it should finished last month but i going on redesign of the main site and loss some time in it and unfortunetly the new skin had some problems when upgrade so will be fixing the skin within time.

New Release Of Theme – NOBUSX2

a 2nd version of nobus theme that got a request from a user that would like to have an updated version of the theme so i just retouch the theme core and add couple of mofication and update to the original nobus theme so be sure to check it around days.

Pink For October Free Theme

As a wordpress designer myself..i would followed the support for the event and released a free theme in awareness of breast cancer so catch it soon and get yourself a fresh copy of new pink theme.

All request mail will evaluate once free of work load

yeap…sorry about that..if you sent me an email and i haven’t responded that’s mean i currently hand tight and will be evaluate the request soon…don’t want you guys think i’m ignoring mail..hehe..sweet *apply to new request only

thanks and looking forward to see what you think about the later release theme..

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