DesignCanopy Free WordPress Theme – Trevilian Way


Trevilian Way Is A Unique And Clean Theme by DesignCanopy. A 2×4 Magazine Layout spice things up and a main topic and secondary topics separator. Basically the theme is something different and unique style with its own flavour.

Trevilian Way is designed on a grid, so there is an underlying structure to the design. It includes several predefined classes to pull images out of the post measure to the right or to the left, or to just float an image left or right. These classes and their functions are listed below.

  • left1col: Pulls the image one column to the left.
  • right1col: Pulls the image one column to the right.
  • right2col: Pulls the image two columns to the right.
  • right3col: Pulls the image three columns to the right.
  • right4col: Pulls the image four columns to the right.
  • left: Floats the image to the left.
  • right: Floats the image to the right.

More info about the theme can be found at author page.

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