Design Licks – Flash Design Showcase

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When talk about flash designs, who didn’t love it 🙂 but for a slower broadband user (56k) it may seems took ages to open a flash based site but it is worth your time. Many flash based design are very interesting and fresh. If you are like me “those who looking for new style and fresh looks in web design” then Designlicks sure a must stop for web designer and web developer.

Just because not many designer and developer dig into flash design, that doesn’t mean it not worth watching and exploring. Inspiration comes even watching a paper floating in the air Designlicks mainly focused on extreme flash design and flash interface, the showcace really interesting and addicted, well i can’t get enough of flash stuff anyway..flying cow and shining navigation and more.

“Designlicks is a showcase of some of the greatest web design around the world. Everyday a website are designated ‘to be site of the day'” from designlicks

So if you need to start or finding some inspiration for your flash work, be sure to check the site out and submit more flash site if you yourself designed one or stumble out during the times.

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