Letterheadfonts.com – Rare And Unique Fonts Creator


During my search on some rare and unique fonts last month, i found one of the unique fonts creator that specialist in vintage letterhead fonts.

Getting a bit tired in focusing on modern font lately, i found this kind of typeface font are trully amazing and unique. Each font had its own unique flavour and style

Here Are Couple Of Sample From Letterheadfonts

Sample Font – LHF Antique Shop

Sample Font – LHF Jumbo

Sample Font – LHF Vienna

Beside providing custom rare font, there is also a section of tips and tricks on how to maximize the font usage. An extra bonus for font buyer to get a perspective view on what the creator think will boost the font presentation in ads form or any other print media.

LHF Garner – The $1000 value font

Font that worth $1000…now that’s something i didn’t think possibble 😮 well actually there’s a story behind all this, you can check it LHF Garner – $1000 font

so if you’re an font lover that looking for a rare unique font, be sure to visit their site and browse into the font archives

now..how much is the indian script font? i better start saving 😀

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