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screenshot taken from are a magazine downloads and published portal and guess what? they’re free!

I personally downloads some of the design magazine from artzmania and love the artwork and how they present a unique and talented designer in their designer showcase. Designer from around the world are introduce and also presented with their artworks and designs ranging from illustrators work, photo manipulation, photo regeneric art, illustrator manipulation works, branding and many more.

One of my favourite magazine from artzmania would be the:

Best collection of Super Web 2.0 – Web Graphixx & Web Innovation

The magazine showcase some of the great design you never seen before and also explained a level of web design styling from light background, dark background and more. It really showed a recent web2.0 trend in one book 🙂

Did i mention its Free!

yeap..downloading and publishing are free and you can even create your own e-books there. Not sure how that work tho, i haven’t experience it myself. You can even promote yourself as designer or developer by releasing a free magazine created by yourself since it got a astounashing 100k downloads for their most popular e-books.

Step right up and start exploring their site now.

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